Page 28 - Remembering Life on Scatari Island
ISSUE : Issue 14
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/8/1
off of her a long time after she sunk. And that one at Point Nova • Callisto • her spars were out of water all sumraer. (Sank April 28, 1928.) But all that crew was lost. Every one. There's sorae of those raen landed on Scatari • dead, you know. ' '//' ''''?'.tt3- Stttti Cev/tf S • iX ftocK coat 4s • ?i?'X>C ??of'J'. 150 *U> t Mad Dick Rock Bodies. They were picking them up all summer. Picked them up lobster fishing time. The gulls were eating thera. They floated, you know. The Callisto ran into Point Nova. The water's right deep there, you know. She run into it and she stove her bow in and she backed off and the wa? ter's deep • she went down. If he'd've left her he'd've been all right. But he backed off. The men left her in the life? boats and some of them landed down there on Scatari • pieces of them. Lost everyone The mounties brought them away and buried them. The Cienfuegos came in on a place called Mark's Rocks (July 19, 1914). They were all saved. She was loaded with hard pine • 14 inches square, 40-50 feet long. And z''-
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