Page 9 - How the Two Bulls went to Orangedale
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
But I got into Orangedale. And when I got there, I put him in the barn. Put it in John Hughie's barn--John Hughie MacDonald --his barn was below the station. Put it in there, and I turned and walked home. And this little hill up here, up the road about half a mile (from) here--I fell on the hill. Walked backing up. Not ate a bite all day. And I fell asleep. And I just caught myself, and jumped upright. "First thing I'll be here all night asleep!" I was feel? ing lively, and I was that tired I could sleep right there. I made home, anyway. (That's a dandy story.) I should have made a good movie, you know! I don't know how it would look but I know--oh, boy, I was really a-flying. I could run fast, you know. And I'm sure I looked happy, because he was going the way I wanted to go. I never tried to stop him when he was going that way. If I'd play out, though, you know--I had to take care of myself--then I'd never be able to finish the trip. So I'd have to put the brakes on the thing, you know, before I'd get played out so bad that I couldn't look after him. (Oh, you did it like an athlete--I give you credit. But afterwards, you just about fell asleep on the road.) After walking 30 miles then, when I was getting nearly home. Nothing to eat. Not a thing, you know, I didn't have anything. (You didn't take a lunch.) No, no, no. I never thought I'd be that long. I thought I'd make it in 2 or 3 hours, you know!... And after a month, my father got $12. That's the time I put him on the road. So I earned that $12! The time I put him on the road. reation' "A thread of Quality" Looking for a Special Gift? A Special Occasion? Christening Gowns, Confirmation Dresses, Weddings! Jackets • Coats • Boys' or Girls' Outfits for All Occasions Call Kathryn at 564-2688 Took me all day, fighting him on the road. (Your father got the $12.) Oh, yes. (And did he give it to you?) Oh, no! I didn't ex? pect it! He was running the ranch then, you know. I was only a little hired man. So the next year, another bull. But I took him over to the shore here, and we put him in a big rowboat we had. (Put him in the rowboat?) Yeah. I knocked him. I was pret? ty smart then. I had him by the two horns. I twisted his head so much that he fell. And then there was a fellow with me. I tied (the bull's) one front leg and the hind leg together on one side, and the same on the other. And took the boat side? ways to the shore. And rolled him in it. And went to Orangedale. Was one hour I was in Orangedale! Cut the bull loose and let him go. Ronald Maclnnis hollered from over here--he was standing at the store, and it was right near to the shore, you know. "I never seen it before," he said, "a bull coming in a boat!" • HERE ENDS THE STORY OF THE TWO BULLS • bluebell f Silks ' design I INDIVIDUALLY CREATED SILK WEDDING GOWNS VEILS & HEADPIECES Call for Appointment or to Inquire: 562-5770 539-6687 Cape Breton BITS w PIECES Souvenirs Made with Cape Breton Tartan Christmas Ornaments - Fridge Ornaments Sachets - Pincushions - Small Items Aprons - Tote Bags - Stuffed Animals AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND 315 Columbia Street Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 4K1 564-5674 Ouil+s and Cly'af'rs Hand or Machine Made Quilts Various Patterns & Sizes in Stock We also make: CUSHION COVERS CALL WALL HANGINGS Johanne 562-3657 CENTREPIECES Jean 564-9127 RUNNERS (SYDNEY) ' I r'.'u' I i_i ' Wood Crafts for Home Hand Painted Wood Plaques Novelty Gift Itenns ALSO FEATURING "k/oo&ie;'" " DRESSED FASHION DOLLS & DOLL CLOTHES Victorian Floral Crafts Cape Breton Chain Saws • Wood Patterns ' CUT-OUTS FOR TOLERS 109 South St. (P.O. Box 403) Glace Bay NS BIA 5V4 . ONE STREET BEFORE THE MINERS' MUSEUM • Travel Cape Breton with Grafters in mind....
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