Page 10 - From Visits with Alfred P. MacKay of Big Harbour Island
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
o- Our Visit with Alfred IVIacKay Continues from Page 6 But there were bad customers too, you know. I know one merchant. And a fellow got terrible hard in debt with him. And he was bad to drink, this man. And this day- he collared him in the store. He told him, you know, he said he'd have to try to pay his bill. Because he had all kinds of woods. And he said he had no power saw. (The merchant) said, "I'll give you a pow? er saw." So he did. After a week he went to see. No, he heard, after a week. That saw--the next day the fellow went and he sold it to another fel? low for what he paid for it. And he went on a big spree! Alfred laughs. So he was out the saw; he was in debt worse than ever! (Who first took you to the woods, taught you how to do it?) Oh, I suppose my father did. (So was he cutting pit propa "uefore you?) Yes, some. Not as--they wou'u only take a limited amount. You'd get an order for perhaps a couple of hundred pit props, from the merchant. And you'd take that in CO him, so you'd get credit for so much. I don't think the price was very high, (How we learn to do things is always of interest to me.) Well, we were pretty alert to--you know, a kid did start hack? ing with it, naturally. When you'd see somebody working, you'd tackle it, and start too. (Wasn't very formal.; Yes. They used to have chopping frolics. It was a big event to watch this. When 7 or 8 would gather at a house, they might cut a year's wood. And they would peel off just to the undershirt and go at it with the axes, you know. It was something to see. Some of them were really good with the axe.... When you're chopping, if you chop this way, you know, you're supposed to take a--little chop. Either-handed. When ??0 Clau Plant Pots s''' '"'''plaufoj, rustic, eleciant, r' def-in.l+-ely unu'suaL Jl : ThePottenj ('arc'eiv Drop by the studio and see pots taking shape 15 min. west of St. Peters, 20 min. east of Dundee Resort ROBERTA • RICHMOND COUNTY • CAPE BRETON • (902) 535-2898 COLLISHAW'S WOODWORKING offers.. • Finest Custom Woodworking & Crafts • Cabinets • Benches • Candles Holders ALL IN RAW PINE • A LARGE SELECTION OF • Tole Painted Ornaments • Stuffed Dolls WE ACCEPT ORDERS 665 PRINCE ST. SYDNEY, N.S. BIP 5M9 &y; nA/iCJa Paper Tole Pictures and Supplies Paper Tola O' O SOFT TOYS * APRONS * EARRINGS Children's Jumpsuits Tartan Ties and Stickpins SPORT SHIRTS (small to x-large) • Calico Wreaths • Decorator Balls ' • Tole Painted Potato Bins, etc. • Garbage Bag Covers • RoseBowls • Potpourri • Scrunchles ...AND MUCH MORE 3B'ont dEra CALL TO ORDER: 562-0179 BYGONE ERA 02JejC c'j''isl Unique Fabric-Covered Photo Albums for • WEDDINGS 'ANNIVERSARIES • BABIES Also Available... Afghans • Cushions • Baby Quilts Aprons • Novelty Items INQUIRIES AND ORDERS CALL 567-1951 SYDNEY Lorraine's featuring T • /' d' '?? "Blossom Loving Care Creations ''''' Handcraft Bunnies • Dolls • Wall Hangings Cows • Rabbits • Clowns ' iQ' Christmas Wreaths Holly Hobby • Baby Dolls <'' '.''l Santa's Display Dolls Mice • Country Wreaths fJ''HBaft *] Swags • Country Dolls Air Fresheners ??i-l3/''Si|b/ ... and much more Something for Everyone • Gifts for All Ages WE ACCEPT VISA & ORDERS 15 Nicklewood Ave., R R 1 NEW WATERFORD • (902) 862-8107 You have just passed some of the finest craftspeople in Cape Breton. Take the time to go back through their displays. Meet Cape Breton Craftspeople face-to-face. '< <0
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