Page 16 - Cayle Chernin: My Russian Relatives
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
know. Not that we're not enjoying those who are alive and that we can all be together but it's i the sense of those who are missing, too. And they are not for? gotten . (This grandfa? ther who kept the diary.) That's L. H. Cher? nin . He set up his own little dynasty, really, in Glace Bay. Here's a man who came as an immigrant with nothing who--actually, I think my Uncle Buddy (Moraff) was telling me that L. H. The Bar Mitzvah picture that travelled from Canada to Russia and back again. It is Saul Chernin's Bar Mitzvah • Cayle's father. The brothers and sisters, left to right: Mendel, Myer, Saul, Joey (behind), Bes? sie, & Sadie • L. H. and Rose Chernin's children. specializing in Concrete Service Commercial • Residential Member of the Concrete Foundations caZd'nHoL Floors • Steps Lansing Small PRESIDENT / MANAGER Builders Association 81 Glencaim Ave. Sydney, N.S. '
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