Page 19 - Cayle Chernin: My Russian Relatives
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
L. H. Chernin Family, 1932. Left to right: L. H. Chernin, his wife Rose, and their children • Myer, lUlendel, Bessie, Joey, Saul, Sadie. when I was thir? teen, we moved downtown into the Cedarvale area, which was close to Forest Hill--and it was kind of a rich Jewish ghetto area. I was quite shocked at the way kids had been brought up. First of all, they didn't seem to know that there weren't only Jew? ish people in the world. Growing up in a ghetto like that they seemed to have a sense that they were all that existed. And I knew that no, no, we were very small, we were a very small portion of a larger population. I knew that from growing up in the Mari? times and from feeling welcome--not feel? ing bad vibes around being Jewish--but al? so knowing that we were different in some way and that we protected ourself in some way. But it was a different experience than what I perceived of the big city Jew? ish kids. They seemed to have an insulari? ty that we didn't have. My mother's best friends were all, you know, the girls who grew up on the street -- Shirley Bannerman, and Elyse Smythe, and so on, and my best friend was Gwennie Munn who lived up the street. (None of them were Jew? ish.) Yeah. I mean, we were all friends with each other and all the relatives and so on, and there was a sense of being Jewish but it wasn't the only thing, you know.... Cape Breton Boarding Kennels MODERN HEATED FACILITY FOR DOGS AND CATS • Open 12 Months • Indoor - Outdoor Dog Kennels • New Cattery Separate Building from the Dogs • Certification of Vaccination Required JSgi' 737-2281 R- R- #i, glace bay, n. s. iT.vs: Itsacrime what an amateur will do to a perfectly simple print job. Get the pros touch A&W; 539-7222 Mark's Work Wearhouse. Agnew Surpass 562-3129 Metropolitan Balloon City 562-7620 Munroe's Barber Shop.., Bank of Nova Scotia 539-6760 Northern Reflections Biao's Fast Foods 562-2322 Olympic Shoe Repair Bill's Pet Centre 539-2243 Quick Break Bi-Way 539-8860 Radio Shack Bojou 539-5596 Reitman's Candy and Things 562-6292 Sam The Record Man Carlton Cards 564-6531 Shoppers Drug Mart Cole's Book Store 539-6053 Sobey's Don's Fish & Chips 564-0002 Sony Store. Fun Villa Arcade Sport Card Corner Gals & Guys Hairworks . 539-1811 Sports Experts , Gem Photo 539-2288 Super Touch Fashions.., Goldsil 539-7273 Suzy Shier Heather Bowling Centre. 562-2695 Tim Horton's Jeans Experts 567-1217 Vanelli's Mrs KFC 564-6322 Zeller's HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m. 539-0441 562-1134 564-6788 564-8112 539-1908 539-4617 562-3177 562-1144 562-1762 562-8811 562-3531 539-2320 539-4454 539-5538 539-4287 539-7882 539-5600
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