Page 27 - Awkward Donald / Domhnall Clibisteach
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
Katherine and her mother, widow of Murdock of the Gimlet, were living in the Burdock Hollow, near the place where Donald lived. And that every time of reaping-time, he was the one that they would have as a ser? vant. And Katherine was very fond of Don? ald; to have him put in the net would be her delight. For she knew that he liked her, although he did not have the courage to ask her. And that certain day, the time of the harvest, they were both making stacks of barley, and the time came for her to go home to get something for them to eat. This was the last day that he would be in the Burdock Hollow, and he wished that it was the first day. He would be leaving farewell with Burdock Hollow, and tomorrow evening he'd be work? ing alone on his own place. And how was he going to live without Katherine with him? He had a little talent of the bards, and he started to set up a song, sing it as follows: "'Tis me that is lonesome, putting a top on a stack of barley, me thinking of the damsel that was raking the sheaves with me." Then he added a garble, "Ho ro, my nut-brown maiden." And then he says, "Katherine of the brown plaited hair, it is you that has grieved me. How will I find thee, my dear, due to the littleness of my wealth? Ho ro, my nut-brown maiden." "Oh," says Katherine, and her after coming back, "you man without method, remember the advice that the priest gave us, 'Ask, and you shall receive.'" Donald went in such fear or mix-up that he dropped off this stack, but Katherine grabbed him be? fore he re'ached the ground. "Dear, are you allowing that you would marry me?" says Donald. "Yes, I am, al? though tomorrow would be the day," says Katherine. And that is word for word the way Sharp- Pointed Rory told us the story about the agreement be? tween Donald and Clever Katherine. The day of the wed? ding came, and that's where the jolly group moved from the Burdock Hollow to the church. There were no carriages in those days, and no need of them. They mu dheireadh a bhiodh e ann an Lag nan Cliatan, is b'fhearr leis gum b'e chiad latha de'n tiine bh'ann. Bhiodh e a' f'gail beannachd aig Lag nan Cliatan; feasgar am m'ireach bhiodh e ag obair 'n a aonar air 'ite fh'in. D6 mar a bhiodh e be6 gun Catriona c6mhla ris? Bha beagan t'lant na b'rdachd aig D6mhnall, is th6isich e ri deanamh 's ri seinn 6rain mar a leanas:-- "Gur mise tha gu muladach Cur mullach air cruaich-edrna; 'S mi smaointean air a' ghruagaich A bha buain nan sguaban c6' rium. Ho r6 mo nighean donn bh6idheach. A Chatriona dhonn a' chuachfhalt, Gur tusa luaidh a le6n mi; 'S gu d6 mar ni mi d'fhaotainn, A ghaoil le lughad mo stdrais? Ho r6 mo nighean donn bh6idheach." "0!" arsa Catriona, 's i air tilleadh, "a dhuine gun d6igh, cuimhnich air a' chom- hairle a thug a sagart oirnn"--"larraibh agus gheibh sibh." Chaidh D6mhnall 'n a leithid de gheilt 'n uair a chual' e ise bruidhinn, 's gun thuit e thar na cru- aiche, ach cheap Catriona e mun d'r'inig SHORE ROAD ESSO BADDECK • 295-3005 BFGoodrich UmRDYAL ' Tires • Rust Check ??"''??" • ?'" Computerized 4-Wheel Alignment All Major Credit Cards Accepted Exhaust and Muffler Repair 7 AM to 8 PM ''9as'' mqN to SAT Exit 8 Trans-Canada Hwy 105 • Baddeck GOOD TIMES AND THE CABOT TRAIL BOTH BEGIN AT THE RED BARN T.CH. 105 AT EXIT 7 10 KM WEST OF BADDECK FOOD FUN AWARD WINNING SHOPPING THE ' RED BARN > LICENSED CASUAL DINING Finger Foods to Full Course Meals 2 FLOORS OF AWARD WINNING GIFT SHOPS er an array of local crafts In the barnyard enjoy the area's FINEST 18 HOLE MINI GOLF MAJOR CREDIT CARDS WE PACK FOR TRAVEL NEXT DOOR SILVER SPRUCE vacation park offers cozy log cabins LEVEL R.V. & CAMPSITES * SWIMMING POOL * FITNESS ROOM * LAUNDROMAT & MORE Hwy 105 • 1/2 mile east of Exit 7,6 miles west of Baddeck • 1-800-565-0000 • (902)295-2417
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