Page 28 - Awkward Donald / Domhnall Clibisteach
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
went on foot. And John, son of Malcolm Young, at the head, playing the pipes so merrily. The road was so bad, and Donald took off the wedding shoes--he did not wear them at all, because tha moisture would take the creaking sound out of them when he'd be dancing. Chuckles. He was scared that they'd lose the creaking. And he put the big boots on, and the legs of the trouser down in the boots. He had a suit of grey homespun that the Barra tail? or made, and a beaver hat that belonged to Big Rory on his head. It was the custom at that time that the groom would be wearing a beaver hat. And, although Big Rory's hat was too big for Donald, there was a roll of paper put inside to keep it from fall? ing down on his face, "for it was better to be without the head than to be without the custom"--the custom or the style. Neil the Soldier was his best man, and Mary of the Ducks--Joe Neil laughs--vas brides? maid. Although the church was far away, it Ididn't take them Welcome to Baddeck! SEAFLOWER GALLERY ART & CARVINGS by Local Artists * ANTIQUES * COLLECTABLES ARTISTS'MATERIALS NOWINSTOCK! LUCAS Oils, Water Colours & Acrylics Pastels • Charcoal GESSO • Linseed Oil • Turpentine KAMAR Varnish Spray Knives • Sketch Pads • Canvas Phone us at 295-1991 or 295-2386 or drop In! CHEBUCTO ST • BADDECK ACROSS FROM TELEGRAPH HOUSE long to get there. And Don? ald put the bea? ver behind him in the seat, the same as he used to do with the bonnet. And when the time came to sit down, the beaver was crushed down as thin as a ban? nock. When the priest was to 'n talamh. "Eudail, a bheil thu cialla- chadh gum pdsadh tu mi?" arsa Ddmhnall. "'S mi tha, ged bu mh'ireach an latha," arsa Catriona. Sin agaibh, mat', facal air an fhacal mar dh'innis Ruairidh Biorach dh6mh-sa mu ch6rdadh Dh6mhnaill is Catriona Ghleusda. Th'inig latha ph6saidh, agus sin far an robh an c6mhlan aighearach, ce61mhor. a ghluais A Lag nan Cliatan gu'n eaglais. Cha robh seorsa sam bith de charbadan aca 's na l'ithean ud; cha robh feum orra. Dh'fhaibh iad ga'n cois is Iain Chaluim Oig air an ceann a' cluich na piob m6ir gu faramach. O'n bha'n rathad dona, cha tug Ddmhnall leis brbgan na bainnse idir, oir bha eagal air gun cailleadh iad an dias- gan. Chuir e na bdtainnean m6ra air, is osain na truibhais sios 'n am broinn. Bha deise de chl6 ghlas air a rinn t'illear Bharraidh. is ad a' bhibhir le Ruairidh M6r mu cheann. B'e fasan an ama ud, ada- chan bibhir bhi air fir na bainnse, is ged bha ad Ruairidh Mh6ir ro-mh6r do Dhdmhnall, chaidh rola p'ipeir a chur 'n a broinn a chumadh i gun aodann, oir "b'fhearr a bhi dhith a' chinn na bhith dhith an fhasain." B'e Niall Saighdear am fleasgach, agus M'iri nan Tunnag a' mhaighdeann. Ged b'fhada an eaglais bhuapa cha b'fhada 'g a ruigsinn iad. Chuir Ddmhnall am bibhir tuiteam sios air On the Bras d'Or Lakes ' Blue Heron Gift Shop M'' Books • Glassware • Figurines • Woodenware Vy Crystal • Cassette Tapes • CD's f' Gifts for All Occasions "??*-'' BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 Frank ij & Jane ] MacPhail I ] 295-29251] bell ::>buoyI RESTAURANT Baddeck, N.S. 295-2581 MACAULAY'S FORD MERCURY SALES LIMITED BADDECK • 295-2500 <' Vehicle Rentals r>" ' • 5iaiPIi?rar?fJJJ:i:l:*M?i.l:l??ViJi Your Complete Garden Centre Serving Do-it-yourself Landscaping This is your educational centre: we're here to help you! Cape Breton Hardy '??'ODECKVAaE-'-' Plants and Shrubs Complete Selection of Bedding Plants Specializing in Geraniums & Tuberous Begonias & Instant Gardens > Drop in or Phone 295-2858 • Don Nicholson Gardening is a relaxing activity: Come to Brookside, relax, and have fun.... Catering Services I for Any Functioni Large or ( Yellow Cello Cafe Pizza .''' Bakery / 295-2303 [baddeck]
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