Page 33 - Awkward Donald / Domhnall Clibisteach
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
see the cow. And he threw the scythe down and jumped into the field. But unfortunate? ly, when he was passing the fence there was a spur or a sprig caught in the back of the trouser and tore it down to the band. When he put the cow in prison at his own place, he turned to the mowing. But he was in trouble how he was going to get the pants repaired so he'd have it to go to church tomorrow. He wouldn't do any tailoring him? self, and although Katherine was so kind, he shouldn't tire her out. And at last he says to himself that he'd better go home and give Katherine the pants to mend it. And since the day was so fine, and every place so solitary, he could turn back with only the shirt. And that's what he did, and that is when Katherine said, "It's your mishaps that have tormented me. Now you're going with only the shirt, like a creature who lost his shame." Donald returned to the field and began mowing. He was going at it, of course, jolly. (Not wearing any pants.) Just in his shirt. But as the mishaps were in store for him, or set out for him, who came in sight but Anna the Blacksmith, on the road, going to the house. When she saw the state that Donald was in, she made up that she was going to have some sport, and she kept into the field. But when he saw her coming, he threw away the scythe, and he sat on the ground and started to piling the hay around himself, till he looked like a hen on a nest. "Good day to you, Donald," says Anna. "Same to you," says Donald. "Keep going up to the house. Be going! Be going! Katherine is at the house, she's in." But the more that he tried to be grudgingly for her, that's the closer she was going, and it's the more questions that she had to ask. At last it would be his choice that she would go. And it would be his choice that Satan himself would take her away. But when she thought that she'd kept him long enough in suffering, she said, "I'm in a hurry, I must be going." "Go, and without return, himself. he says to When she reached Donald's house, Katherine was mending the trouser. Without delay she greeted Anna so friendly, and the conver- Or Visit Us at 390 Charlotte Street 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday COFFEE • VIDEOS PHOTOCOPYING • n uair chunnaic esan i, thilg e bhuaithe an speal, shuidh e air an talamh, is theann e ri cur an fhedir suas m'a thim- chioll gus an robh e coltach ri circ air nead. "Latha math dhuit, a Dhdmhnaill," ars' Anna. "Mar sin dhuit fh'in," arsa Ddmhnall. "Cum suas do'n tigh. Bi falbh! bi falbh! Tha Catriona aig an tigh, tha, tha i a stigh." Ach mar bu mhotha dheanadh esan de dhoicheall, 's ann bu dliiithe bha ise a' dol, agus bu mhotha bh'aice de cheistean ri chur air. B'fhearr leis mu dheireadh gun tugadh an Donas fh'in air falbh i. Ach 'n uair shaoil i gun chum i anns a' Phurgadair fada gu ledir e, thuirt i, "Tha cabhag orm, feumaidh mi bhi falbh." "Falbh gun tilleadh ort," thuirt e ris fh6in. 'N uair r'inig i tigh Dhdmhnaill, bha Catriona a' c'radh na triub? hais. Gun d'il, chuir i failte chridheil, ch'irdeil air An? na. Thdisich sea- nachas, is bha toil aig Anna an ceilidh a bhi fa- da. Bha i cinn- teach gun tigeadh Ddmhnall dha? chaidh ma lai- gheadh a' ghrian fo a cledca daithte, is bha e Specializing in ?O0P also STEAKS & CHOPS Fully Licensed Dining Room Sunday - Thursday: 4 PM to 12 AM Friday & Saturday: 4 PM to 3 AM 78 Townsend Street (5-MINUTE WALK FROM CENTRE 200) Centre for International (Studies • DEcSOUDCE CENTDE • Over 3000 Books, Magazines & Periodicals on • Development • Environment • Economic • Other Critical International Issues ~ Available Throughout Cape Breton Phone 562-6090 For SCHOOL & COMMUNITY PROGRAMS call 929-2063 or 539-5300 ext. 26711
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