Page 34 - Awkward Donald / Domhnall Clibisteach
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
sation began, .And Anna wished to make the ceilidh long. She was sure that Donald would have to come home when the sun was setting. It was in her mind that she'd have more sport with Donald. He worked un? til he thought that the coast was safe, and he made it for the house. But when he was near the house, he saw Anna leaving. She left goodbye with Katherine, and out she goes. And she met Donald at the door, and he yelled, and he ran as fast as he could run--as he ever did run--over to the barn. And who was coming towards the house at the time but the priest, and going to ask Donald to do some mowing for him. He kept to the barn and found Donald, that he had crept down behind a barrel. "What's wrong, Donald? Was it Anne of the Black? smith that took the trouser off you?" he asked. "Oh, I wish that I never saw her," says Donald. "She was the cause of all the trouble that came my way today." And the priest got him to tell what hap? pened. And before he was through telling the story. Little Murdock arrived with the trouser, and Donald put his trouser on. And he came in sight from behind the barrel. And he got a rest for the rest of the day. And I guess that was the story. It was made up, you know. Think of the fellow that made that up. It was only a man that had the talent for poetry that could do that. Ar? chie Alex's father. Archie J.--Archie the son of James. (Did you ever hear him tell stories?) No. I never had the honour of meeting with--he died before I ever went over to Grand Narrows, to that area. NOW AT 229 Kings Road SYDNEY Motor Cycle Shop 539-7644 • 539-1730 FOURTRAX*300 Full-time 4-wheel drive • Ultra-low fiist gear for heavy loads • Wide-ratio 5-speed transmission with reverse • 282cc single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke aigine CrRX3004X4) 'n a beachd gum biodh tuilleadh sp6rs aice air. Dh'obraich esan gus an robh s'-n diiil gu robh an costa s'bhailte, is thug e aghaidh air an tigh. 'N uair a bha e faisg air an tigh chunnaic Anna e, dh'fh'g i beannachd aig Catriona, is ghabh i a mach. Choinnich i D6mhnall aig an dorus, leig e 6ibh as, is ruith e le luathas nach do ruith e riamh roimhe a null do'n t-sabhal. C6 bha dol chun an tighe aig an Am ach a sagart 's e dol a dh'iarraidh Dhdmhnaill gu spealadh. Chum e air do'n t-sabhal is fhuair e D6mhnall 'n a chrtiban air cCil baraille. "Giod tha cearr, a Dhdmhnaill; an i Anna Ghobha a thug an triubhas dhiot?" ars' a sagart. "0! b'fhearr leam nach fhaca mi ri? amh i," arsa Ddmhnall. "B'i ceann-aobhair gach trioblaid a th'inig orm-sa an diugh." Thug a sagart air innse gach ni mar a tha? chair, is mun robh e ullamh de'n stdraidh rd.inig Murchadh Beag leis an triubhas. Chuir Ddmhnall air i; th'inig e am fianuis o chiil a' bharaille, is fhuair e fois na cuid eile de'n latha ud. Again, our thanks to Joe Neil MacNeil, for his translation and constant encouragement; and to Archie Alex MacKenzie for his permission to offer his father Archie J.'s story. Elizabeth Cusack Walsh & Associates BARRISTERS & SOLICITORS Hizabcth Cusack Walsh. BA. (Hon.) Ll.B. Nancy M. Orkish, B.A., Dip.T.BACS, Ll.B.' John W. Morgan, B.Sc, M.BA./Ll.B.* Audrey (Heidi) Marshall, Article Student • also of the Ontario Bar 564-8396 Fax: 564-0030 205 Chariotte Street • P. 0. Box 595 • Sydney BIP 6H4 Prefarriid Areas • Personal Injury • Criminal • Corporate Commercial • Property • Wills & Probate • Litigation • First Nations Li COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL * G. Landry's Vacuum Service Ltd. I SEPTIC SYSTEMS CLEANED INSTALLED & REPAIRED I BACKHOE BULLDOZER RENTAL I PORTABLE TOILET RENTAL & SERVICE Front Lake Rd. Sydney 564-8413 ' SERVING ALL OF CAPE BRETON EXPLORE SYDNEY'S PAST... ST. PATRICK'S MUSEUM • 87 ESPLANADE* OPEN: Mid-June to Labour Day 9:30 - 5:30 Daily CAPE BRETON CENTRE FOR HERITAGE & SCIENCE • 225 GEORGE STREET* (OPEN YEAR ROUND) Summer: Mid-June to Labour Day 10-4 Mon-Sat Operated by the Old Sydney Society For information call (902) 539-1572 JOST HOUSE • 54 CHARLOTTE STREET • (OPEN YEAR ROUND) Summer: 10-4 Mon-Sat For information call (902) 539-0355 COSSIT HOUSE 75 CHARLOTTE STREET • OPEN: June 1 to October 15 9:30 ~ 5-30 Mon-Sat 1:00-5:30 Sunday A branch museum of the Nova Scotia Museum Complex
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