Page 40 - Flora McPherson: The Quest for Rev. Norman McLeod
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
museum produced a drawing of Norman. The most remarkable help came from the Alexander Turnbull Library in Welling? ton, New Zealand, whose staff searched relentlessly for the material I wanted and produced a good selec? tion of drawings of the ships and some photographs. By February 1962 the illus? trations were on their way (to the publisher). The file of correspondence about them is 2 1/2 inches thick! People are frequently saying that they would or could write a book, but they haven't time. That's not strictly true. Anyone has time to write, even while he is working for a living, provided that he gives up all his social life, loses contact with most of his friends, joins no organi? zations , and makes his family take second place to his writing--in other words, if he is willing to gamble that the contribution he might make to his community and to his own satisfaction, by writing, is great enough to compensate for all these depriva? tions. It's a long shot and it probably won't come off. What you need in order to try it is not just lots of time, but lots of nerve, and a few friends who keep root? ing for you, even for eight years! END The old adversaries: left, John Munro, merchant of St. Ann's; right, Rev. Norman McLeod. "WATCHMAN AGAINST THE WORLD turns out to be an in? credible 19th-century adventure story • from Scotland to Cape Breton and then, 21 years later, on to New Zealand • a joumey of over 22,000 miles.... A passionate, vigorous tale, the story of Norman McLeod and his people has never been told better." • Cape Breton Post HOW TO ORDER Watchman Against the World by Flora McPherson 192-page quality paperback • 25 photos • 4 maps Available in bookstores, or direct from... Breton Books, Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia BOC 1 HO Price: $12.95 plus 7% GST and $3.50 shipping • a total of $17.36. • CREDIT CARD ORDERS, PHONE 1-800-565-5140 •
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