Page 44 - Wreck of the Dochas & the Etta Stewart
ISSUE : Issue 66
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/6/1
sequences, but it was not till next morning they knew of the disaster that occurred almost at their doors. C. Hudson Smith, who was on the eastem shore on business re? turned to the city yesterday, and tells of the sad scene at Lawrence- town. He says: 'THE SHORE IS STREWN WITH WRECKAGE splintered into fragments. The timbers look as though ground by some mighty force, the pounding upon the rocks having made the barge little else than a mass of kindling wood." Yesterday when he left there the sea was yet running mountains high, and the surf that beat upon the shore was tremendous. No one knew what the wreckage was till the bodies were washed ashore, when some of them were identified. Mr. Smith says Henry Acker, of Lawrencetown, was the leader in the work of recovering the bodies. The task was no easy one in the fearful surf. More than once, when a body seemed within reach, it was swept again out to sea, and when the waves brought it back, after several unsuccessful at? tempts, one after another the bodies were secured till the remains of fourteen human beings had been recovered from the sea. When Mr. Smith left yesterday afternoon eight bodies were lying at Lawrence? town and six at Graham's Head. Many of them were disfigured abwDut the face and head, but there was not as much mutilation as one might have supposed. Their clothing was torn to shreds, and in some cases THE BODIES WERE HALF NAKED. Henry Acker told Mr. Smith that about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, him? self and wife found the body of a man on the beach. It was large and stout, and was supposed to be the body of Captain Ferguson, of the Dorcas. They watched and soon saw two more bodies. 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The woman found by Mr. Acker had on a plain wedding ring, and a ring with three small stones. On the Captain's body was found a watch stamped, "The Empire, 8189." It had stopped at 2 o'clock. Six bodies were also found yesterday morning about 7 o'clock at Gra? ham's Head, Three Fathom Harbour. The steamer is to be seen bot? tom up, but nothing remains of the barge except the wreckage along the shore. THE COFFINS WERE SENT DOWN YESTERDAY, by Undertaker Snow. The body of Captain Ferguson will be brought up and forwarded on Friday morning to Louisbourg for interment. John A. Snow, a nephew of the deceased, will accompany the remains. Captain Ferguson was one of the most careful and experienced navi? gators on the coast. Since he was fifteen years of age he has fol? lowed the sea, and in all that time he had not lost a life till about a year ago, when a seaman was drowned from the Dorcas. He leaves his wife, five children, and a mother and sister, at Louisbourg. James Kelly, a deck hand on the barge, was a brother-in-law of Captain Fer? guson. William McGann's family live on Upper Water Street, and are in destitute circumstances. A. Tanguay's widow and one child live in Upper Water Street. Captain Spencer, of Louisbourg, has a brother, book-keeper at Miller Brothers, Granville Street. The list of victims was not complete and confirmed. THE LOST: Those on board the steamer Dorcas were: Captain (Angus) Ferguson, of Louisbourg, C.B. H. (Hector) McDonald, Mate, of Louisbourg, C.B. James McDonald, A.B., of Louisbourg, C.B. John T(F.) Sharp, A.B., of Weymouth, N.S. (native to Louisbourg). Benjamin McRury, Cook, of Louisbourg, C.B. Alex McVicar, A.B. of Louis? bourg, C.B. William Hannah, Chief Engi? neer, his wife & three children, (Halifax). Sadie Musgrave of Sydney, C.B. A. 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