Page 40 - How the Robinsons Got So Strong
ISSUE : Issue 14
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/8/1
ROBINSONS CONTINUED FROM INSIDE FRONT COVER bake a little cake she threw into the fire. When she got up in the morning the bin was exactly as she had left it. She soon baked all the meal and she then told the fairies that she was finished. They paid her for her work and told her that they would take her home that evening after it got dark. They told her to ask for any favor that she would like to have frora them. Jean gave the matter careful thought. Her father was well-to-do and the family lacked nothing. She therefore asked the fairies that all her children and their descendants would have remarkable physical strength. Her request was granted. That is why the Robinsons are so strong. True to their promise they brought her horae that night. Her father stopped saying nasty things about the fairies. I asked grandmother if there was any dan? ger that they would corae and take me through the night. She told rae of course not if I said my prayers. She added, "Say them with rae" • and she began: "Ar n-Athair a tha air neamh, Gu naomhaichear d' ainm, Thigeadh do rioghachd. Deanar do thoil air talamh, Mar a nithear air neamh...." That was as far as I stayed awake. When I awoke day was breaking and I was hungry. .-w'?''' • %.w;' *. Genuine Down Bast Hospitality Keddy' Motor Inn 600 King's Road, Sydney, N.S. Phone 539-1140 • Telex 019-3517 Tear Round Service to Cape Bretoners and their Friends Campbeirs Market Baddeck SYDNEY SHIP SUPPLY Sydney and Port Hawkesbury INTEGRITY Being true to yourself - having Integrity means more than just nut pretending to be someone else. It means being completely true to what is inside of you. To what you know is right. It means doing what you feel you must do regardless of the immediate cost or sacrifice. It means making decisions for yourself and your family, and your entire life based on what is proper, not on what is exped? ient. It means at all time to be honourable and to behave decently • -' and given in a very practical sense it pays, for without integrity no F>erson is complete and without it no book, no play, nothing writ? ten, nothing done by man has any real value. Cape Breton's Magazine/40
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