Page 62 - Gwennie Pottie of West Tarbot
ISSUE : Issue 67
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1
had the little low bed because I had her bed there because I used to take her out in the kitchen and take her up in the front room. And you'd always have to go with the chair like this, you know, you'd have to wave the chair like this, back and forth (to move her around on it). I bet you she weighed 350 pounds, dead weight. Oh, it was a lot of work. Believe me, it was a lot of work. It was a lot of respon? sibility. (And I suppose there comes a time when you feel trapped.) Well, see, I felt trapped myself, too, because when the other young people would go out, I could never go. I was always home. And I was al? ways there. And even after Lauchie and I got married, she lived in Sydney with us for 3 1/2 years. All the time we were in Sydney she was with us. I came home with her in May and Lauchie came over the first week of June because we had planned to get married on the 17th. He asked me what I was going to do. "Well," I said, "I'll have to get somebody with the old lady or," I said, "we'll have to close the The Markland a coastal resort Rel Lelax in our luxury log suites and dine on our gourmet food featuring local fish and lamb. J-hrill to the play of light and shadow as they dance over the northern seascape. For reservations in the Maritimes call 1-800-565-0000. Or ask the operator for your toll free Check Inn number. Local phone (902) 383-2246 Cabot Trail, Dingwall, Nova Scotia, BOC IGO, Canada house." So he told her that when we get married and get a place in Sydney we'd take her with us. So this is what we did. We took her in September when we got a place. And she was with us in Sydney for 3 1/2 years. Took her over in a car and carried her up the stairs--Lauchie and her own cousin, he was a cop down on the railroad, Angus Mac- Aulay. And she was there with us during the war. And we finally decided to come home, she wanted to come back home. I said to Lauchie, "I'm getting sick of this. I think I'd sooner go back home to the coun? try, too. I'm getting sick of the city." So we came back. Oh yes, she was crippled, completely crip? pled with it. (And so she would try to train you.) Well, she'd tell me how and what--how to do it. Believe me, she could do that. And then when they'd have a maid, when I was going to school. I always used to follow the maid, anyway. Do what she was doing. But housework--oh, I hated housework! I still do. And, you know, for a woman that was crip? pled like her, she was as smart as a tack. And knit--she could knit anything in front of her, but she could never read the pat? tern. She'd just take it by looking at it. Or crocheting, or anything like that. Of course, for knitting, I could do that when I came here. My own mother taught me that when I was about 7 years old, when I first learned how to knit. And then, we had what they called a study club around here. They had the schoolteacher. And oh, when you talk about somebody that could knit! She could knit anything. All the clothes that she wore, she made them herself. Knitted sweaters and dresses and--you name it, she had it. And I asked her one day if she'd teach me how to read the pattern. So she did. And I came the next day with a pair of needles and yarn, for her to show me a certain pattern and how to read it in the CO-OP CO-OP Building Supplies 870 King's Road, Sydney 539-6410 WE ARE MORE THAN JUST LUMBER!!! ?? PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER ?? PAINT/STAINS ?? FLOOR COVERINGS ?? GYPROC ?? BATHROOM FIXTURES ?? VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS ?? INSULATION ?? ROOFING MATERIALS ?? LIGHT FIXTURES ?? PLUMBING SUPPLIES ?? HARDWARE I COUNTER TOPS I VANITIES I SHOWERS I ROOF TRUSSES I DOORS I EAVESTROUGH I LUMBER I HOME & GARAGE PACKAGES I ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES I HEATING SUPPLIES I PLYWOODS HARBOUR HOMES MIH) EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE et
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