Page 73 - Duncan "Korea" MacRae, Missionary from Baddeck
ISSUE : Issue 67
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1
lating incidents that were occurring while he helped Dr. Grierson treat innumerable patients coming daily to the clinic set up in their home. Although they had been functioning scarcely two weeks, a patient already "was moved the first time he came here by the way he was treated... he afterwards went to hear Gale." Misguided though a blind man may have been in declaring that if he regained his sight he would become a Christian, Duncan was led to respond with a positive approach: "Our prayer is that Gods truth may go home to his heart & open the eye of his soul." He was never happier than when permitted to actively assist Dr. Grierson in his medical work which was possible only during their first year in Wonsan: I spend a little time with the Dr. He thinks or rather says I would make a grand doctor especial? ly a surgeon. Already I am performing. One day he took a tumour out of the back of the head of a Buddhist priest, and I sewed it up. He is still living. The patients that he operates on I put to sleep. Yesterday we had a kid under chloriform, his breath stopped and I had to hold him up by the feet till he came too! Through March and April Duncan continued his language study while waiting for supplies to come for his prospective trip to Hamhung. He arranged for this joumey to be taken with Mr, Yang, his teacher, and Mr, Suh Kyung-cho who had come from Sorrai to work with the Canadian missionaries until they became proficient in the language. The weight of responsibility had become heavier since Rev. and Mrs. Swallen had left for Pyengahn Province and had tumed their work over to the Cana? dians. Dr. Gale remained in Wonsan a few months longer to in? itiate the novices in the work on their mission field programme. Duncan was busy. However, to keep up his spirits when weary or at times discouraged, he relied on Edith's letters and the joy he experienced while writing to her: Won San Korea April 17th 99 Dearest Edith: Your kind and Christian Epistle re? ceived on Friday April 14th. It was I should say it is a wonderful letter, tis fiiU of the spirit, it shows that the writer has been at the Masters feet, It has a ring about it that does my soul good; I have read it several times and I shall read it again. As you know I bum all your letters, I do not want them to fall into other people's hands or Koreans to paste them on walls. I would like to keep them.... Duncan could not take his mind from the subject closest to his heart: I have thought of you so much of late that you never seem to be out of my thoughts. I have prayed for you over this matter I have sought the Lords will concern? ing it, and now I leave it in His hands. Duncan and his Bible Class in Hong Won, circa 1903 Having written his last letter to Edith from Wonsan, Duncan proceeded to make final preparations for his trip to Hamhung • "A Star in the North." With the compelling force of a lodestar, Hamhung drew Dun? can to its gates. Gradually acquired prosperity and culture over the centuries had given the city the tide of "A Star in the Nortii" • a guiding light for the people of South Hamkyung Province. Within its walls, bygone traditions were retained, nurtured and jealously guarded from the influence of foreign cultures, which had already infiltrated treaty ports to the south and west of the peninsula. oxglove. & TKynae ??p- CjC]e.t*y poWe'v'Y j&v;'&lyy; Wecivirvgi 2i0 OUcxAoH' S+ Sydney J'S BiP '05 902 567 0099 902, 562 793' fcv?c Need a Radiator? Muffler? Shocks? Brakes? RAD-PRO Specializing in Radiator Repair & Recores Heaters Water Pumps, Etc. FIVE LOCATIONS: Sydney Downtown 562-2300 and Grand Lake Road 564-5547 tniDAS JSpecializing in Mufflers Brakes Shocks Springs Antigonish: 863-6090 • Port Hawkesbury: 625-3781 • New Glasgow: 752-8777
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