Page 85 - Linda MacLellan Visits Archie Neil
ISSUE : Issue 67
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1994/8/1
the room was in the rack? ets and he owed for a debt for dope and he wasn't paying it, and there was a contract put out on him and he was to be killed. And they gave him the address and everything. But he moved out that morning and this fellow had moved in and the fellow that was sup? posed to do the killing didn't know the change, see? And he confessed to the whole thing. Again, the question I ask is: Do you think a mother's voice could -' carry that far? A thou? sand miles. Personally, I think yes, absolutely. • • • ---_ • • • But you'd be surprised at the other expe? riences that other people would tell me of that same thing happening. Now, I'll give you another one, if this is the kind you want, and I'll involve people that you know very well. Leo and Donald were down to a meeting. And my brother Willie D. was with them. It was in the summertime and Donald--it was on Saturday, and there was a big party on Saturday night and then they were going to have a continuation of the meeting Sunday. And Archie Neil, teacher, Northeast Margaree in 1971 Donald told Leo, "I'm not staying down for the party. I'll stay for the meeting until about ten o'clock, and then I'll leave for Judique Corner because"--and I remember he had a big strawberry patch and he wanted to water them, it was dry weather. And he says, "I'll be back for the Sunday after? noon meeting." So Donald came up alone and when Donald came to the road that turns off to Eng? lishtown Ferry, he hit something and he thought it was a dog or a deer or some? thing- -but he felt the bump very strongly on his car. He stopped the car and he got From UCCB Press ... An Underlying Reverence: Stories of Cape Breton ISBN 0-920336-52-3 $17.95 James O. Taylor, editor "Stories of Cape Breton long overdue" '"An Underlying Reverence: Stories of Cape Bre? ton is a major event on the local publishing scene and, like our fine Celtic music, deserves to find an appreciative audience outside Cape Breton as well." Ken MacLeod, Cape Breton Post May 29,1994. This anthology of nine stories by Cape Breton au? thors about Cape Breton acknowledges the pow? erful influence Cape Breton has on its people. The Humble Bowl ISBN 0-920336-58-2 Frank Robertson ](1903-1992) This collection of poetry was written over a span of more than seventy years. It reveals the author's love of his wife and family and nature, as well as his interest in people and daily happenings. He accompanies many of the poems with a prose commentary, likening them to the in? troductions roving poets and singers did to their poems and songs. • AVAILABLE IN RETAIL OUTLETS OCTOBER 15 • For more information contact: UCCB Press University College of Cape Breton P.O. Box 5300 Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 6L2 Phone: (902) 539-5300 Ext. 604 No Place Like Home: The Life and Times of Cape Breton Heritage Houses Vol. I. ISBN 0-920336-41-8 (second printing) Pride of Place: The Life and Times of Cape Breton Heritage Houses Vol. n. ISBN 0-920336-56-6 Mary K. MacLeod, PHX). and James St Clair, M.A. No Place Lilte Home originally published in 1992, and Pride of Place: The Life and Times of Cape Breton Heritage Houses, records the history of Cape Breton Heritage houses and the lives and stories of the men and women who lived in them. The two volumes examine the variety of architectural styles which evolved throughout the four counties since Europeans first began building homes on Cape Breton Island. Both titles contain photographs of the houses and a location m'. Pride of Place also has photographs of the families who lived in these homes. • AVAILABLE IN RETAIL OUTLETS OCTOBER 15 • UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETON
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