Page 5 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
number of people wanted to continue and do the Follies, and some of the people just didn't think (the time was right). You know, we hadn't done it every year, there was no rea? son to do it every year. You'd do it when it sort of needs to be done, or you'd do it when the material's there.... The Follies were more political, or more activist--closer to the bone in a number of ways--in its humour and in its approach. But there were a number of us who just wanted to work, and keep work? ing, and loved doing it out on stage, and loved putting on shows. So at that point there were some minor dis? agreements on what direction it should take, and whether we should use the name "The Follies" or not. And rather than cause any kind of a big stink, we just said. Well, let's us just go and do a similar type show. And that first year (of the Cape Breton Summertime Revue)--those that will remember it--it was probably the most dif? ferent show from the Follies. I think we've grown to become more like the old Follies, although still it's its own show. But that first year of the Revue (1986)-- all the songs were about "summer." I mean, here's quotable quote number 49!--it was a bit of fluff. I mean, not really--there's some great songs in it. I mean, "Barbe? cue"! And Doris Mason's "Seashells," which continues to get a lot of radio play. All great songs and stuff, but certainly "Cape Breton" wasn't as strong a denominator in the show. Of course. Cape Breton was all 1987 and 1988 Cast: Cookie Rankin, Doris Mason, May? nard Morrison, Heather Rankin, Max MacDonald, Steve Gaetz, Lucky Campbell, Berkley Lamey, Bette MacDonald, and Marcel Doucet. Right: Heather and Cookie Rankin. and loved getting the way through it. But there was more "sum? mer" than "Cape Breton." Which is what we intended it to do. And of course, we had Rita in it that year, and she sang "Flying on Your Own." And ther a summer song nor specific Breton song! that's ally a nei- Cape You know, you can pick small things that were different about the Follies and the Revue. It can even come down to as simple a something as saying: that was the year we added drums. And that sounds like a simple thing--so what? But no, the whole concept of adding drums meant--once you take that approach and decide you're going to give that more oomph to the music, technically you have to change. All the Follies shows '1- M'k 6 non-stops to Halifax. Coimt'em. 6:30am 9:15am 12:15pm "* 3:15pm 5:40pm 8:10pm 1, Quebec, Boston, Newark, and Co AIR CANADA (Si) airNovQ
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