Page 8 - 10 Years! The Story of The Cape Breton Summertime Review
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
great depth--it's ten years later, some of these things have to be acknowledged, in terms of how things have changed. Like ac? knowledging that specialization tends to create less of a communal centre. And so that has to be compensated for by a more active attitude towards the production committee physically getting together. (It was less specialized at one time.) Yes. As Steve was saying last night, "Years ago I would have asked everybody what they thought of the colours on the poster, and gotten their approval." And he doesn't do that anymore. Similarly, all of us would have consulted more in every specific thing. But the show has grown so much.,,. Oh, a lot of time it's arguing, A lot of time--we use the expression--in fact, we discussed the concept last night--of what we call "the hard sell," If you really be? lieve in something, you should be able to assert yourself to the point where some people will say, "Well, Leon obviously be? lieves in this, so we should let him run with it," Or the opposite, I suppose, which doesn't come up that often, like: "I really, really don't like that." Because that will come up, too. Should we use "arse" three times instead of once in the show? Have we got four jokes about Paul MacEwan? How did that happen? So, some- (Enjoy your home away from home at. wUCovo Summr (7h'/mn' Margaree Harbour i'uiu'i Inverness County HOUSEKEEPING COTTAGES Stay in one of our 30 clean, modern, 1- or 2-bedroom Housekeeping Cottages, offering a sweeping view of thie Gulf of St. Lawrence, and spectacular sunsets. Eacfi lias CBTV, fully-equipped kitciien withi mi? crowave, screened-in porcli. Ocean swimming and sandy beach 400 feet away, and walking trails, play area, groceries, ice, laundromat, and a meeting/recreational facility. R. R. 1, Margaree Harbour, N.S. BOE 2B0 Tel (902) 235-2202 • Fax (902) 235-2564 mmmmsss CANADA SELEa DON'T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT US! • LOCAL • LONG DISTANCE • OVERSEAS LARGE OR SMALL - WE MOVE IT ALL 'MOFFATT '' Moving & Storage SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY & INSURED CALL THE PROFESSIONALS • OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE Financing Available O. A. C. 30' to 90-Day Interest Free VISA /Mastercard on Long Distance 80 MARINE DR. FREE ESTIMATES 562-0222 SYDPORT Weekends & After Hours 564-0963/562-1978 FAX 564-6865 . Adas VAN LINES / AGENT times you've got to have the big picture. And say, "Well, it's either got to come out of the news, or come out of that song, or come out of Mary's monologue. 'Cause it's too much," Each of those things has been created in isolation. Now you get the show together. And one of the guiding principles is, "The show comes first." That transcends ego, or everybody's individual contributions. The show comes first.... The people come into this world at eight o'clock. And when they leave at ten- thirty- -have we been in control? We've created this thing, essentially, with all kinds of help. Perhaps twenty, thirty writers a year--songwriters and skitwrit- ers. It's not four or five people. And it's not just the ten or eleven people on stage. There are the Duncan Wells out there, and the Danny Maclvors and Ed Mac- donalds and Dave Harleys out there. Along with the nucleus of the company too. So it's a lot of different contributors. And somehow it's our responsibility to try to make some kind of cohesive entity out of these things. So that the audience may not be conscious of the fact that it moves. That it simply doesn't go from a sketch or a comedy scene to a song, but a song that at one point in the show is perhaps moving and nostalgic or whatever. And the next one is biting satire, with a different tempo. So that we're quite conscious of being in control of the dynamics of that show. So that when you get to the medley at the end of the show, it's something pur? poseful. That we have created this move? ment through lights and sound and songs and sketches and good performers, And with greater or lesser success. And we try and do the best we can, obviously, every year, (But..,to a certain extent you start out each season with nothing.) Yeah, It's blank paper. We have another expression we 1' Superb KleaningN WE SPECIALIZE IN ... Carpet & Upholstery • Walls, Ceilings Interior Auto • Siding High Pressure Cleaning • Maid Service Floor Cleaning & Maintenance • Construction Clean-up Industrial • Residential • Commercial BONDED & INSURED • ALL WORK GUARANTEED • LOCALLY OWNED I'REASONABLE RATES • SENIORS'DISCOUNTS • 19 YEARS'EXPERIENCE' X Call now! 562-2354 Howie Centre X 1D THE IbRONTO-DOMINION BANK Your Bank. Your Way Corner of Charlotte & Pitt Streets P. O. Box 117 Sydney, NS B1P6G9 Phone 567-3610 or 539-6637 • Fax 539-6337
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