Page 15 - Misery at Louisbourg: Aftermath of the First Siege, 1745
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
Wamers company dyd • . he was in the Hospitall • as did one Joseph Fuller of capt: [Daniel] Chapman' company of To- land • Colonell [John] Choat is poorly • I am concerned about him • after prayers in the Hospitall • 1 went, and visitd • capt: [John] wamer (who livd Somewhere near meromack River) who is very Sick, and prayd with him. and at Col- lonell Cheats house • and prayd with one Hovey and others Sick • and vi? sitd • E. ('hoat, and other Sick there, and prayd with them • and with Some of capt [Benjamin] Jves men, in anoth? er room, then • I visited capt: [Isaac] Coltons company, and prayd with them, and visitd young Joshua Max- field • who is very Sick, and prayd • with him • dind at Home • the coUenel was able to walk abroad • . after dinr went to See • one Burbanks of capt: Chhs [James Church] company and prayd with him • and with one [Onisimus] Nash of capt: Heustons company • and with Mr. Hodge: visitd Sergt Smead • capt: [Seth] Hatheway • Brigadier [Joseph] dwight, and dr [Alexander] Bollman • prayd • at cita? dell, and Hospitall • prayd with capt: Chapmans company • night they were going to bury jos: Full? er • and at citadell and Hospitall • and then visited one Young-man at the Barracks • who was Sick • and prayd with him • 'this day dyd one david Brown of capt: [William] Wamer of Bostons company Order to Clean the Garrison, Lbg, 26 March 1746: Our orders are that the Colonels of the several regi? ments be directed to appoint suitable persons to take care that the streets & houses be cleansed as soon as possible & canals be cut to drain of the snow water, & that the filth be carried out of ye city at ye west gate or at the gate near the main guard, & laid so that the tide may flow over it. men, very Sick, in the Same House • I went to See mr [Samuel] Winslow • and prayd with him • he is very Sick this forenoon we had an Alarm • a report, being Spread • that two Large Ships appeard in the offing. • the companys were calld to arms • But the fog came on • that we could see nothing from the walls, tis reportd 3 french men, ran away last night • and that [John] Shaw is sent af? ter them. Last night Josh: Maxfield dyd • and one at the Hospi? tall • 'that was caryd • thither yester? day • dind at Home • aftemoon Saw mr [Elish] Williams • and then vi? sitd • capt: [Isaac] Coltons company and prayd • with them Neighbour Crowfoot and others, are Gone Home • visitd • capt: [Ebenezer] Edmunds company and prayd with them • and retumd Home • 'weary, and tird • 'but re- cruitd • a little, and went and visitd one Tufts • that is Sick • belonging to Charles-Town • and prayd with him. visitd dr [Al? exander] Bollman and prayd with him; found him • in a Sweet frame • prayd • at the citadell, and Hospitall • sat up late by reason of company • had a restless night • had the cramp • 3 citadell, Hospitall, and with capt: [John] Warner • who is very bad. Last night Youngman • that I prayd with (Last night), dyd • as did one of capt: [Daniel] Fones men • in the Hospitall. capt: Fones comandd the Rhode-island sloop. I have some Headach • Burbank, above mentioned dyd this moming. about 1 clock • a sloop and ship • appeared • at the west • comeing down which provd, the sloop • to be one of or cruisers • the ship • an Eng? lish Ship that had been taken by the French • going from Caro? lina to England • 'they Give an acct of a Number of french men of warr comeing to this place, this day [Onisimus] Nash of Sheffield dyd • as did one [Thomas] Wheelwright of Wells • belonging to Colonell [John] Storers company • and one [Zac] Gould • of Collenell [Samuel] Willards regiment • that went aboard the transport. Sick • dyd this day in the Harbour, in the Evening I had the Head ach • was restless and feverish • had an uncomfortable night • 4 citadell, and Hospitall • am able to keep about tho but poor? ly • visitd dr [Charles] pynchon • . then Lay down, and slept, was able to Eat Some dinr after dinr visitd capt [Isaac] Coltons company, found them poorly • 'but I hope not worse • this day visitd capt: [John] Baker very porrly • 'this day we hear that • the King of prussia and the C'ueen of Hungary • have compri- misd matters and that the duke of Tuscany • 'is chosen Empe- rour • great News • if true as I hope it is • we hear also that a ship was seen off • and we are concemd • not knowing but, they are french • night I prayd • in the citadell • saw Brigadeer d [Dwight] and dr [Alexander] Bullman in the Evening • visitd mr S [Samuel] Winslow • who is very Sick, and prayd with him • at his Brothers [WilUam Winslow] • 'the commissary • Sept: 5. this moming at the Bell ringing at 8 a clock • I went up to the citadell • 'but just then • the drumms • were beating, to call to arms so that • no body attendd • so that I retumd • and went to the Hospitall and prayd there • and from thence to capt. [John] wamer and prayd • with him. there are 2 other Jacob Haskins, writing in 1759 of Rochefort Point where the New Englanders were buried: Attended a funeral of Mr. Joshua Hews, walked thro the burying place, found it large containing 4 or 5 acres and people buried very shallow, so that there were many bones to be seen above ground, and pieces of coffins. 6 citadell and Hospitall • and visitd Hovey of the collenell company and prayd with him, visitd mr [Samuel] Winslow and prayd with him • he ap? pears to be near his end • capt: [John] Wamer who livd on miromick [Merri- mac] River dyd • 'this moming • one of the men of w: warr men, dyd in the Hospitall • in the moming and another was sd to be dyeing when 1 attendd • prayers • . Sergt Walker of capt [John] Heustons company dyd this day • after dinr I was calld to see two men in the Barracks • 'that belonged to capt: [William?] Smith of providence • and prayd with them • to ward night visitd dr Bullman • who is very Low, prayd at citadell, and Hospitall, when at the Hospitall • one of the ma? rines told me, they had burid three men this day and had 3 more Lay dead • in the Evening prayd with mr [Samuel] Winslow • had a comfutoble night. 7 citadell • Hospitall. and with mr winslow • and one Wms at the house where doctor morrison lives • and with Winchell, clerk, of capt: Heustons company • and with mr dodge, visitd Sergt Smead • yesterday one Campbell of capt: [John] prentic? es Sloop • dyd • Suddenly. Last night Capt: [James] Stevens dyd • at the island Battery • a valuable man belonged • 'to Sa- tt Community Banking in Cape Breton ASK ABOUT OUR NEW MORTGAGE FEATURES Bank of Montreal We*re Paying Attention tt 849-4505 16 Reserve St • GUCE BAY V, J. 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