Page 24 - A Talk with Donald Johnny Murdock: The Blind Man's Seventh Son
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
day. Malcolm's granddaughter was there, and she asked me if I had once cured her grand? father. I said that I did. She said she had something on her neck. She said that the doctors could take it off. but it's going to leave a scar, but she didn't want a scar. I put my hand on it the same way. A couple weeks later I went in. and she said. "Look at my neck! The lump disappeared! I don't even have to go in for an operation." she said. So that was the last one. It was about ten years ago. (Are all of your brothers still living?) No. Murdock. the oldest, he was killed overseas in Holland in 1944. during the war. John Angus was killed in an accident near Antigonish. he was 23 years old. Fin? lay died of tuberculosis in a sanatarium in Halifax. Allan is still living, Angus got killed in Kamloops, B.C., and John Willie is in Toronto. (Your brother John Angus was only 23 when he died. What happened to him?) Muffler Man 93 King St., North Sydney EXPANDED 3ERVIOES! • Exhaust 'Brakes 'Struts • Shocks • Springs • Michelln and Goodrich Tires • Ufe Time Warranty • 4-Wheel Alignment • Wheel Balancing • • 8 Estimates 794-7500' Imagine this as pur office... Imagine a career at sea... becoming an officer in die Canadian Coast Guard. If you are finshing Grade 12 plus 6 OAC's (Ontario), CEGEP 1 (Quebec) or Grade 12 (other provinces) in your university preparatory program this year, if you excel at math and physics, and if you think big... The four-year Canadian Coast Guard officer training plan offers: • Tuition-free training • A monthly allowance • Practical sea training • A modern, attractive campus in Syd? ney, with private rooms Regbtiar, Canadian Coast Guard College PO Box 3000, Sydney, Nova ScotU BIP 6K7 Tel.: (902) 564-3660 Fax: (902) 564-3672 ?? I Canacffii It was in April, 1935. John Angus and John Duncan, who was our first cousin, were go? ing back to work in the lumber camps. They were taking John Duncan's brother Bob and our Uncle Danny with them. John Angus and John Duncan bought their tickets for the whole way back, but Danny and Bob only had tickets for as far as Port Hawkesbury. So when they got to Port Hawkesbury, John An? gus and John Duncan gave them their tickets to save money, and they went on the tender. That way. they could get back free. But in Heatherton there was an accident. The train derailed, and both John Angus and John Duncan got killed. John Duncan was killed right out. (when they found him) the tender was up half to his chest, he was crushed under the tender. My broth? er John Angus was thrown into the alders. By the time Danny and Bob got down, they could hear somebody hollering from in the alders, so they went over. (It was) my brother John Angus. He was fairly tall. He was complaining about his legs, his legs were all broken, so they got a stretcher, and they laid him on the track. The priest came in from Antigonish or the next vil? lage, I believe it was Bishop Alexander MacDonald, who was then the parish priest of St. Andrew's. In that priest's biogra? phy, I read that he went to the accident, and there was this young fellow laying on the track, and he's full of the faith. That was John Angus. The Bishop liked this, and he said. "I'm going in with this fellow," so he went to the hospital with John Angus. Although John Angus's name isn't written in the book, when I read it. I knew it was my brother he was talking about. John Angus died the next morning at ten o'clock, at the Antigonish Hospital. In 1941, I was working (on the mainland), and I got a letter from my brother John Willie, and he told me that my call for the army is in Mabou. a registered letter. I told my boss that my call was there, and that I'm going into the army. I got my pay SIMEON'S II Family Restaurant 427 Grand Lake Road, Sydney 562-0251 We Feature: • Full Course Meals • Fresh Seafood • Steaks • Chops • Ethnic Dishes • Homemade Pies Baked Fresh Daily Come in! I We would love to serve you! SIMEON'S Restaurant & Tiffany Dining Room FULLY LICENSED Plummer Ave., New Waterford 862-8090 • 862-8093 We feature the same great food as Simeon's II & we have large Banquet Facilities & Lounge
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