Page 27 - With Pioneer Johnny Murdock at the Pioneer Cemetery, West Mabou
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
With Donald Johnny Murdock at the Pioneer Cemetery, West Mabou Sometime after his interviews with Donald Johnny Murdock, Leonard MacLellan introduced us to him. We learned that Leonard has been part of a group that Donald organized, that has worked to repair a Pi? oneer Cemetery, along the shore of Mabou Harbour. In talking about the cemetery, the word "saint" was mentioned. And Donald said: This young girl, I think she was around 19 they say--19 years old. So she died and she was buried down here--at the Pioneer Cemet? ery. And about ten years later, of course somebody else died--and they dug up the same place. And here they came across her coffin. They didn't know she was there, but when they dug down they found her, see. So they opened it. And she was there the same as she was sleeping. The rouge was still on her face. So they just closed her right up. I suppose maybe they got scared. And cov? ered the whole thing over. Likely went to the priest about it, but nobody said a word about it for years. So her father found out about it. And he said, "When I die I want to be buried on top of her casket." Why. I don't know. Maybe so nobody else will. It was his own daughter. So when we were working down there five years ago. I dug down to put a cairn up there. And my son and I, we were very care? ful to see if we struck anything or any sign of anybody buried there. So we went down five feet, five and a half. There was nothing there. We hit white sand. But my son was up around the side (of the hole) examining the ground along the edge of the hole. And he found a coffin up there, about two feet from the surface. And I'm often wondering. Is that the fa? ther? The cof? fin that was up at the top. There's no headstone there. Some people say that she was Morrison. There's a Mor? rison stone not far from there. Others say she was a Morrisey. So we don't know for sure. (Cape Breton's Magazine: Do they tell any other stories about her?) They don't know anything about her. (Do they use the grave in any way? Do they go there for healing?) No, no. Well, one time--there were two girls here. They went for the cows.... And when they came by the cemet? ery there were two women kneeling in the middle of the cemetery. Both dressed in white--all white. They thought it strange. Okay, "We'll drive the cows and then we'll come back, see them." So they took off with the cows and they came back--and they were gone. There was nobody there. That's all that was to that story. But then there was another story (that) -'' • ??'r J-'X3r'' ' Sj*?**-:*/.! .m STOP AT DINO'S fresh baked goods * souvenirs magazines * film * charcoal gifts * novels * camp fuel * ice Ingonish One Stop Store & Deli STAY AT DINO'S Trailer Park Laundromat close to the National Park Ingonish BETTENS CONSTRUCTION"''" General Contracting j| ' Residential & Commercial FOUNDATIONS • FLOORS REINFORCED CONCRETE SLABS RAISING OF BUILDINGS Serving Cape Breton Since 1929 849-6566 849-7639 (FAX) • (PHONE) 157 MAIN STREET, GLACE BAY B1A4Z1 MONEY SAVER COUPONS AT THE NEWLY LOCATED WANDLYN CAPE BRETONER 560 KINGS ROAD - SYDNEY : PHONE (902) 539-8101 TOLL FREE 1-800-561-0000 @| ..........|.............j. .-..--' 15% OFF : $5.00 OFF : Free Coffee-Iea ?? Restaurant : Regular : For Your Next Meeting' Menu : Room Rate : ''!l'l',fJ?ZZn{'' ?? ., . . Z '. ., ,., ,S meal requirements . ('(hquornot included) J (subject to available) ?? (call for details) ?? COMFORTABLE ROOMS - GREAT RATES - INDOOR POOL I InEW lounge - GREAT FOOD - LOTS OF MEETING SPACE I
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