Page 39 - Duncan H. MacDonald's Letter
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
DUNCAN H. MacDONALD'S LETTER Continues from Inside Front Cover travelling a long way to see the home of your ancestors all goes to Prove that your heart was true and you gave your Precious manly life fighting to the last for us and the free? dom you believed in greater love hath no man then that he gives his life for his friends you will al? ways live in our memories as one of natures gentelmen a friend of all and a Son any Parents and Brothers and relatives may well be Proud to own Kin? ship to and its Sad to See So many of the cream of our country go under but Such is cruel war. So farewell Dear Son for the Present but we trust and Pray we will all meet again over yonder where there will be no more Part? ing and cruel war which Parted us from a loving faithful Son and Brother we'll see no more. From Father, Mother and Brothers In Memoriam You left us Sweet Memories Charlie Deeds of Kindness entwine your Name We now you are Safe in Heaven But we miss you and love you the Same for no hand like yours was So willing no heart like yours So true no Son was ever more faithful or brother more Kind than you you gave your life to your country To you all the World owes a debt But you were ours we'll Remember Though al the world forgets Mother Dad & Brothers Grave of Charlie MacDonald Our thanks to Theresa MacDonald and her daughter Lisa, and to Theresa's sister Rose Burton, for saving and sharing Duncan's let? ter. Theresa Is the wife of the late John D. MacDonald. Readers will remember John D.'s extraordi? nary story about a re-burial at Aspy Bay, published In the Cape Breton Book of the Night. It Is a story he told about his father's and grandfather's experience. NOW AT 229 Kings Road SYDNEY Motor Cycle Shop 539-7644 • 539-1730 HONDA Power 'Q2]Q||||'|Q[|H WATER PUMPS MOWERS FOREMAN* 400 • THE FUTURE OF ATVs • Super-low first gear • 5-speed transmission with rever • 395cc single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke engine MacDOMHNALL CONTRACTORS ltd • RETIREMENT HOME 2 Bedroom Home & Land included in Mountainview Subdiviston Area TOTAL PKG. • BUNGALOW 3 Bedroom Home & Land included in Mountainview Subdivision Area TOTAL PKG. • L SHAPE 3 Bedroom Home & Land included in Mountainview Subdivision Area TOTAL PKG. • SPLIT ENTRY Bedroom Home & Land included in Mountainview Subdivision Area TOTAL PKG. • LARGE BUNGALOW 28 X 40, Land included in Memorial Road Subdiviston TOTAL PKG. ALL TAXES INCLUDED. Take advantage of G.S.T & P.S.T. rebates available to first time buyers. Take advantage of 5% down. I LOTS FOR SALE: IMEMORIAL ROAD and MOUNTAINVIEW SUBDIVISIONS All You Dais Turn the Key! • PAUL 736-2438 • MIKE 562-8457 • OFFICE 736-3655 $55,900. $61,900. $63,900. $64,900. $79,900. Mayflowefi yftall Over 75 Stores & Services G/?E4r... SERVICE • G/?E4r... SELECTION • GREAT,.. PRICE "All Under One Roof!" CELEBRATING 15 YEARS of EXCELLENT SERVICE foCAPE BRETONERS! 800 Grand Lake Road, Sydney, N.S. BIP 6S9 HORYL'S Superior Sausage Co. jCfd. 21 Union Hwy. • NEW WATERFORD • B1H 4K4 Phone 862-7177 or 862-7178 Some of our fine products include: * Polish Sausage M'''' * Salanni * Kolbassa * Garlic Bologna 4|''''' * '?' Pepperoni * White Pudding ''''' * Medium Hot Pepperoni * Black Pudding '''''p' * Sliced Pizza Pepperoni We take pride in using only the finest government inspected meats, and the care it takes to make our sausages. When you ask for HoiyFs, you get the best. SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY DELI MEATS FOR OVER 60 YEARS'
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