Page 43 - A Visit with Clara Buffet, Glace Bay
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
John's. Taken out of the little port-- which was a fortune--and sent through school there. So she was more highly edu? cated than her husband was. But he was not going to be left behind. Because, when the children went to school, he sat down and did all their lessons as if he was going to school, too. My husband used to say, "And he passed me," he said, "on mental arithmetic, and all these other things." I came from (a family of) four, too. Now, my father--his father died very (young), when he was only 30-some. And they were on one of these poor farms out in Round Island, if you know where Round Island is. Out around Mira. It'd be between Mor? ien and Mira if you went the coast road. Homeville-- just along there. And it was poor and that. But they had the sea, too, so they could fish. They made a living, but it was pretty bad. But In front of the old home, Cottage Lane, Glace Bay. Back row, left to ,,>,'r, v,? AA'A >,-:r. .rAAr'.r r. r.A V,-I o o >, '' 1 ' t-'r, right: Euphomla & Warren Moffatt, Llla ReynoWs, HardlnQ Moffatt, Flo- wnen he died, nis widow and nis children, '.. ' ... . ', , / '. j....... .. .,. ...j ra MacDonald, and Clara's parents Clara and William MacKinnon. Mid- Moffatt, Clara's grandparents John T. & Agnes Moffatt, Frank Moffatt. Front: Mary MacKenzie, Hazel, and Frank's wife Jessie. they moved into Morien. And then there was Gowrie Mine there. In Morien. And the boys in the family were sent into the mine at 12. And my father, he was the sec? ond boy, so he went in as 12. And I guess--I don't know exactly--cer? tainly, perhaps (when) he was 16. he might have been 17--but he said, "Enough of this." So he got on a schooner and he went to Boston. Now, of course--perhaps there were relatives there, I don't know. Be? cause that was always the constant migra? tion of people who wanted to get along a little better, would go to Boston. And there he learned his trade as a baker. But, as he got older--I suppose he must have been 25 or 26 when he came back.... (Clara, as a little girl, what were your plans?) All I can say about that is that was a very happy child, except when my mother got into politics. And then I was Footmaxx systems for Custom Arch Supports Up-to-Date Stock of Stylish Shoes Complete Line of ??HlbiH'flM;Wi ORTHOPEDIC SHOES f-canes -walkers for Men, Women, and ChilHrpnl -crutches CAPE BRETON BRACE LTD. 66 Cornwallis Street, Sydney, NS • 539-5100 • Go ACADIAN STRIPS DAILY BETWEEN SYDNEY & HALIFAX TRIP 72 - Daily pick ups in: NORTH SYDNEY, LITTLE BRAS D'OR, MILLVILLE, ENGLISHTOWN, SOUTH HAVEN, BIG HARBOUR, BADDECK, HUNT? ERS MTN, NYANZA, LITTLE NARROWS, WHYCOC? OMAGH, ORANGEDALE, GLENDALE, KINGSVILLE, PORT HASTINGS, PORT HAWKESBURY, & others (TRURO 1:20 P.M. VIA RAIL connection) TRIP 64L - via St. Peter's - Pick ups in: SYDNEY RIVER, HOWIE CENTRE, EAST BAY, BIG POND, IRISH COVE, BARRA HEAD, ST. PETER'S, CLEVE? LAND, PORT HAWKESBURY, & others TRIP 76 - Pick ups in: NORTH SYDNEY (5:00 P.M.), BADDECK (5:45 P.M.), WHYCOCOMAGH (6:20 P.M.), PORT HAWKESBURY (7:00 P.M.) 11:00 A.M. 5:45 P.M. 4:30 P-M. 10:50 P.M. ('Schedule Subject to Change) CALL TOLL FREE1-454-9321 for further Information ?? Same day service to most Maritime points • Collect shipments now accepted • Excess insurance available to $500.00 • "Priority Pak" our new 12"x16" waterproof envelope with a flat rate throughout the Maritimes • sold 10 to a package $50.00 (includes GST) GRAYLINE SIGHTSEEING TOURS June 1 - October 15 See Historic Halifax / Peggy's Cove We depart from most hotels for these tours. ACADIAN LINES LIMITED 6040 Almon Street, Halifax, N. S. B3K 5M1
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