Page 47 - A Visit with Clara Buffet, Glace Bay
ISSUE : Issue 68
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/6/1
living here." So she then went in for--oh, she was a great hospital worker, and she was a great Women's Institute worker, and she was--this kind of thing. Non-political things! I graded from the Glace Bay High School. This was Depression--they couldn't send me to college. I don't know if I even wanted to go to college. People didn't go to col? lege- -there wasn't this momentum of think? ing that you had to go to college. Because there was only--you could be a nurse. You could be a teacher. You could be a stenog? rapher. You could be an aide. And you could work in a restaurant or a doctor's office or something like that. That's all.... (And/or, I guess, married.) Yes, and/or married. Those were my options. So my mother took things in hand, and she sent an application in to the General Hos? pital, that I wanted to be a nurse. And, went into the General Hospital as a proba? tioner. And loved it from the day I got in. (But you went into nursing based on your mother's application.) That's right. (Not some deep desire to serve your fellow man.) In fact, I had this: "Oh, well, I'll never stand looking at the blood--I'11 faint." You think--you're going in for nursing, that blood was...! (Shirley Cher? nin: Running out of the tap!) Laughter. I hadn't the faintest idea what nursing was. But my mother always wanted to be a nurse. That was the funny part of it: she always On the Bras d'Or Lakes -' Blue Heron Gift Shop 1'' Books • Glassware • Figurines • Woodenware V' Crystal • Cassette Tapes • CD's • Videos 1' Gifts for All Occasions '**-' BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 MACAULAY'S FORD MERCURY SALES LIMITED BADDECK • 295-2500 PARTS LEASING wanted to be a nurse. And she went around to all the neighbours and nursed them. And she had all her brothers and their wives to nurse. And all the rest of it she was M.tM.lJ!l.l.-kJMIHill=Mfct.l!kMMJIMJ!lddld This is your educational centre: we're here to help you; r' i!' • tli 01/ ''P? Breton Hardy Your Complete ''j'Ml'i'rA Plants and Shrubs 5''"'?" 'ISaEfe'fesi'' Complete Selection Centre .''''jyi'yH'I'' 'f Bedding Plants Serving Do-it-yourself Landscaping Specializing in Geraniums & Tut)erous Begonias & Instant Gardens OPEN DAILY • Drop in or Phone 295-2858 • Don Nicholson Gardening is a relaxing activity: Come to Brookside, relax, and have fun.... She wanted to be a nurse. But teacher instead. (She decided you'd be a nurse.) I'd be a nurse, yeah. She made a very good choice, that I was very happy in it. From the very beginning. And I found during that time that my avocation, I suppose you'd say, was teaching. It's funny how it goes-- travels. (What was your train? ing like?) Hard work. Extremely hard physi? cal work. We had a hospital that was made like the Eng? lish, with the wings. So these wings were big wards which had 20 beds in them. And every month you were transformed, or transmuted--whatever you want to put it-- from one place to an? other. Whether it was Ward A or Ward B or Ward C or Ward D or Private, or.whatever it would be. And be- Baddeck Home Hardware Headquarters for All Your Gardening Needsl • Lawn & Garden Maintenance Accessories • BICYCLES FISHING EQUIPiVIENT Seeds & Fertilizers Bar BQ's& Accessories Interior & Exterior HOME IMPROVEMENT NEEDS Phone 295-2170 Come and Visit Our 3rd Floor.,. Furniture Showroom Celebrating 25 Years in Business! CATHERINE E. HARVEY REALTIES LTD. Established 1970 Box 352, Baddeck, N.S. BOEIBO • '' Doing business around the geographical centre of Cape Breton Island and the beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes! Contact us for our Spring Brochure! Telephone 902-295-2364 Fax 902-295-3019
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