Page 9 - Fr. John Webb Builds Stone Buildings
ISSUE : Issue 15
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/12/1
Iti''K P'''''fc''/W"'' 'vf'i v?'' - iWo views of the barn; and the complex of garden, storehouse, greenhouse and bakery. have a fairly large fireplace in the living room. The fireplace has tubes with a fan that blows heated air through the tubes (See Drawing); we get about 5 times as much heat as we would ordinarily. The building is heated mainly by the kitchen stove and the fireplace • and a few suppli- raentary electric baseboard heaters. We have a furnace and had it on one Sunday afternoon in December and it got so hot you couldn't operate in comfort. We didn't have to put it on any more in the winter. CampGill Lighthouse Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, Nova Scotia The Shop with the Answer to all Your Lighting Needs ThR.0 U3A To fAN P 9& 2xM PlyvOoop" ' TrouqJK -do HeRe OM (s' lk of T?RifJ B>ftAKP 5?6e5. AVIS Rent a C'r Try Our Weekend Special $9.95 from Friday Noon to Monday 9 A.M. 9' a mile 564-8341 / 564-8265 WE TRY HARDER Building Supplies "The Home Care Centre" WelionStreet Dial: 564-5518 Serving from 7 A.M. BREAKFAST
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