Page 18 - The Wreck of the Ariadne
ISSUE : Issue 2
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/1/1
prayed for the widows and children of the men of Norway. Sometimes when I hear that grand old hymn, "Oh God our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come" I hear the men of Neil's Harbour standing bareheaded before the open graves. I see the white flag bearing the red cross of St. An? drew's flying half mast, and the surplice of the minister shaken by the breeze. The wind was high now and snow was drifting in little swirls over the brown earth when we left the churchyard. It was dark when Dad and Jimmy came home that night. The raging storm swept away every vestige of the ARIADNE. All that re? mained to remind us of the wreck were the snow covered graves in the little church? yard. Some months later a very lovely communion chalice was sent to Rev. R. A. Smith by the government of Norway, and a letter to the men thanking them for giving the men of Nor? way a christian burial. It was read in the church of St. Andrews. The little minister and all the men who took part in the burial service have passed away, but the graves are not forgotten. A neat wooden cross with a picture of a full rigged ship skilfully inserted in the center marks the graves of the men of Norway. Traditionally, it is said that the ARIADNE wrecked at Green Cove, but Jac': Ingra- N ham of Neil's Harbour puts it more specifically at MacKinnon's Cove, C*- actually on the point at MacKinnon's Breaker (1). Heading south from Neil's Harbour you pass Black Brook and going up the second of Twin Hills you can look out to a little pond and beyond that to MacKin? non's Breaker. There were at least two other wrecks at that coves f at Boiler Point (2), the date uncertain and the name of the vessel 5 something like AVRIL; the other the ELIZABETH, a French topsail schooner (square yards), a wooden ship, struck during World War One, around Decem? ber, 1918. The crew was from Belgium and were taken ashore and boarded in Neil's Harbour, and had a great time. It was the first time they had ever seen snow. JOHN C. MACMILLAN Ltd. LUMBER YARD AND PLANING MILL P.O. BOX 64 TELEPHONES: NORTH SYDNEY 794-4797 NOVA SCOTIA 794-4798 BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS VOGUE FURNISHINGS LTD. 267 Charlotte Street Sydney "The Business Service Built" Frank McKnight Ltd. " Everything Musical " 279 Charlotte Street Sydney 539-5030 Town and Country RESTAURANT Red and White FOOD STORES Baddeck Port Hawkesbury Sydney River & Glace Bay Wooico Pharmacy Operated by Manson Drugs Ltd. OLD AS 1903: Still offering the same old fashion service to Cape Breton. NEW AS 1972: Offering Drug Plans, Charge Cards, Delivery, Health Foods and most important • a Hearty Thank You for shopping Wooico Pharmacy.
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