Page 11 - Fr. John Webb Builds Stone Buildings
ISSUE : Issue 15
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/12/1
The next structure was the workshop and community centre • 80 by 40 • a two-story structure built all of stone. The next building was our barn • that was 25 by 100 • we completed the silo a little later. The basement has southern exposure and we keep 5 or 6 cows and younger cattle, pigs and horses and chickens and so on. The second story is a hay loft. The silo is 16 feet in diameter, 18-20 feet high. The next project was a combination green? house and bakery area. The bakery itself is roughly 24 by 50. The greenhouse is a lean-to on the southeastern side. Ihe oven is partly completed; we're waiting for ex? perts to build the French oven. This is to provide for the need of the men at Talbot House • bread and pastries and so on. There will also be a large stove to blanch gar? den products when we're freezing them. The garden is an attempt to make the house as much as possible self-sufficient. We have our own animals, iite have eggs. We have milk. Bread is a tremendous item. We want to bake the type of bread that we feel we should have • whole wheat. A good substantial type of bread and not what you very often buy, white bread and stuff like that. Want to eliminate that as much as possible. The bakery will have a long display area for products such as cribs at Christmas time and memorial markers • a source of income and occupation for the men of Talbot House. Next we completed the reservoir at our water source • 24 feet in diameter. Gouged it down about 6 feet deep and walled it in stone up to about 8 or 10 feet and capped it with a roof. Then we started the new residence for about 10 men • that is nearly completed. That's roughly 34 by 50 on the ground floor • and again most of the buildings are built on the side of a hill so two stories will have exposure to the sun. And we did some mi? nor works in the experimental stage: we added some sheds to the wood workshops • a long stone wall and then put a roof on it. Most of these buildings have metal roofs. Over the cesspool we built a con? tainer for garbage, also of stone. Stone and concrete fence posts • used a culvert pipe and just built around it with rock. We had some old bottles and just used them where we'd put the wood poles be? tween the posts. Cement them in an up? right position • then break the bottle out and you'd have your slot. W PmNTERS LTa 180 tOyW' • NO STREET, SYDNEXM.S. TELEPHONE (902) S64.8245 Formeily Cape Bret?n Pirinten CAPE BRETON)3 OWN FURNITUBE SHOWRbOMS Tables '"'?' Chairs Refrigerators stereos Recliners Televisions So'*? Washers Beds Carpets GlAce Bay New Waterford Port Hastings Schwartz KEN YAZER MOTORS LIMITED AUTHOniZEO CATC BHETON VOLVO DCALEM 161 raiNCE STREET SYDNEY. NOVA SCOTIA 539-8498 The Moxham Rdom Din. in the warm congenial atmo- sphere of our weU-appointaddininf ' room. Fine food, attentive tervice and a comprehensive wine list. You'll enjoy dining with uir Call on u? toon. Holiday Inn of Sydney, Nova Scotia 480 King's Road Telephone (902) 539-6750 CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE/ll
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