Page 12 - Wilfred Creighton & the Expropriations: Clearing Land for the National Park, 1936
ISSUE : Issue 69
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1
cow. The farmer started in extolling the Jersey breed in general, and this Jersey in particular. But what had happened to one of her hind teats? Well, the man ex? plained the last time the cow freshened she stepped on that teat. Well, Smiling Angus got down on his knees, examining the cow's udder and milk glands, and LeBlanc on the other side--and all the time the architect was going over the house without interfering. So, we got a few tips from • those two I smoothies. We learned a lot from them.... It took me quite a while be? fore I made the INN Make Rockinghorse Inn your vacation base in Cape Breton. Local art work & stained glass windows are part of the Rockinghorse Inn experience. "Comfortable, well-appointed rooms with private bath • breakfast included." FIRESIDE DINING BY RESERVATION (902) 539-2696 ~ OPEN YEAR ROUND ~ Centrally located in Sydney, NS at 259 King's Road first settlement. Well, then I made two or three. And then no one else would settle with me. I'd sit around the Acadian Motel. So I'd either go to Ingonish or go to Hal? ifax and stay away for a couple of weeks. And by the time I'd get back, there'd be two or three people come looking for me, wanting to settle. So I found that it just didn't do to stay there, I had to go away. I had to go away and come back. See, I went in there absolutely green. And through trial and error I found they would settle woodland for $6, pasture land for $50, and the best agricultural land--well, some rough pasture for about $20, get up to $50 and $100 an acre, for the choicest farmland. And when you set those figures, that's what it was, but you'd go up and down a little. Well, then it was the house, and the barn, and the outbuildings that determined. You Can Pack Everything Into Our Weekender. And we don't mean just a suitcase! Avis has a full range of late model vehicles from sports sedans to minivans to help you get away for a great weekend, at Special Weekend Rates. At Avis, our "We try harder" service helps turn your weekend getaway into a memorable mini-holiday! Chevrolet Lumina APV Call Today For Full Details and Reservations. Sydney-Glace Bay Hwy: (902) 564-8341 Sydney Airport: (902) 564-8265 ?? 1993 Aviscar Inc. AV/S We try harder.* (Were there people who owned land that didn't live in Cape Bre? ton?) A few. See, there was Mrs. Cor? son at Middle Head (Victoria County, site of the Kel? tic Lodge in Cape Breton Highlands National Park)-- and Dr. Morgan made the settle? ment (for
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