Page 14 - Wilfred Creighton & the Expropriations: Clearing Land for the National Park, 1936
ISSUE : Issue 69
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1
lawyer said, "I understand that you've settled with Dr. Morgan." "Oh yes, we've settled with him." "I don't suppose you would let me know what your settlement was with Dr. Morgan?" Oh--just getting tense. So the Deputy Attorney General (T. D. Mac? Donald) was there. I wasn't in, I just got the story second hand. And MacQuarrie with a straight face said, "Tom, I think it should be all right to let (them) see the letter where Dr. Morgan agreed to settle." So, they sent down to my office and I dug out the Morgan file where we had a letter from Morgan accepting $450 and the receipt for the cheque. So, MacQuarrie, with a straight face, handed this over to the New York law? yer. He jumped up, he says, "For God's sake, why didn't they give you the land?!" He turned his heel and he stamped out! So Mrs. Corson settled for $60,000 I think it was Harry McCurdy from Sydney Welcome to Baddeck! SEAFLOWER at GALLERY fr* ART & CARVINGS ?? ' ' by Local Artists * ANTIQUES * COLLECTABLES ARTISTS'MATERIALS NOWINSTOCm LUCAS Oils, Water Colours & Acrylics Pastels • Charcoal GESSO • Linseed Oil • Turpentine KAMAR Varnish Spray Knives • Sketch Pads • Canvas Phone us at 295-1991 or 295-2386 or drop in! CHEBUCTO ST • BADDECK owned the Sand Beach, I forget. He filed a big claim. He had a Presbyterian minister who was a native Cape Bretoner but he was out of California. He visited the place and McCurdy got him to write a long letter de? scribing the beauties: the moonbeams on the water of Freshwater Lake, and the sun shin? ing over the hills, and all the beauty of it and so on. And if that beach was out in California it would be $125,000. I don't think the judge said it would cost some? thing to move it out--I think I was the one that made that remark. But the judge did mention that the moon and the sun shone everjrwhere, not only Freshwater Lake. I think (McCurdy) got about $1,200 for it. Then, of course, Bridget Curtis who was married to Milt Peters from Lunenburg. She objected to what I offered her. She said that she remembered lots of elections when they spent far more on rum than we were of? fering her for her property. I kind of en? joyed that remark. A channing Victorian House ?? tLCVSilMl 11 rlv/UwC in the heart of B ADDE CK, with gracious dining in an elegant setting. A truly delightful Maritime Scottish Breakfast, Businessman's Lunch, and Daily Dinner Specials. Children's Orders as well. Open Every Day of the Week • Fully Licensed Dining Room Relax in the warmth of open fires, stroll at your leisure thru this historic house where courtesy and hospitality have been a tradition for over 100 years. A place to free the soul. Inquire About Our Weekend Room Rates • CALL 295-1100 We let people have their houses, they were no good to us. That one (the Macin? tosh home) they got the $12,000 for it-- I kept that (house). I wouldn't let him have that. It was turned over to the park.... The others On the Bras d'Or Lakes Frank i & Jane 1 MacPhail 11 295-2925 I ] ...'.. bell sK-'i buoy RESTAURANT Baddeck, N.S. 295-2581 i j Serving fine food to the ' ] finest people since 1980 11 'J Baddeck Home Hardware m Headquarters for All Your Gardening Needsl Fall Garden Supplies & Fertilizers BICYCLES nSHING EQUIPMENT interior & Exterior HOME IMPROVEMENT NEEDS Drop in and Pick up Your CHRISTMAS GIFTS Early! Phone 295-2170 Come and Visit Our 3rd Floor... Furniture Showroom Yellow Cello Cafe 11 PM. 1 -?* r'o?? >'?" Bakery Pizza 295-2303 '''*6* B.'i*' ><'' d'''"
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