Page 16 - Wilfred Creighton & the Expropriations: Clearing Land for the National Park, 1936
ISSUE : Issue 69
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1
to the land. He was a squatter. yeah, some had very comfortable homes.... There was one fellow from up near Neil's Harbour that was a squatter in crown land and I never could make a settlement with him. I never did. He was a stubborn New? foundlander. He never was settled. (I wonder what happened eventually.) I'm not too sure. They may have moved the boundary. I don't think they ever put him off, as far as I know. I got fed up with him, he just wasn't reasonable and, I mean, he didn't have title ''East Coast Outfitters" LICENSED GUNSMITH FIREARMS • HANDGUNS • ACCESSORIES HOT TANK BLUEING STOCKS REPAIRED • RIFLES • SHOTGUNS • REVOLVERS • PISTOLS Zeiss, Baush & Lomb Scopes • Ammunition Authorized Browning and Ithica Dealer Hunting and Fishing Supplies Camo Clothing • Camo Boots • Camo Rainwear • WE REPAIR ALL TYPES OF FIREARMS • ARCHERY: Browning, PSE, Barnett Bows • Easton Arrows 335 Welton Street • SYDNEY 564-0077 567-0509 FAX 567-0952 Putting people out of their homes was very distasteful. Setting aside a wilderness area appealed to me. I was in favour of that. And some was funny. But I could see things.... I had different people who we had to prepare for the court case with Ox? ford (Paper Company). They hired a crew and went down and made a cruise and made maps and so on, and we had to get the area cruised our? selves and get people in. And then they had logging plans up and I had to have logging experts that could prepare plans and refute I had a man I had known up in Onta? rio that had worked for Interna? tional Paper Company and had left. He and I spent time there, we snowshoed around winter and I snowshoed from Cape North to Cheticamp with him. And he had been in in the summer and had hired men to cut wood, and made some cost studies. And he had a big Norwegian with him. And they travelled in the centre of the park. And this particular day they travelled all day, looking over the thing. You know how it is with men that get familiar with each other--they can travel hour after hour without speaking a word. Finally they came to a (place) in the park where they could see the broad spread of barrens, and they could see where the Aspy River went out, and the MacKenzie, and through one of these gaps they could see the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the sun shining and the wa? ter, and the hardwood trees, and all this. And the Norwegian stood there and fellow heard him say, "God doesn't want this country to be logged. He intended it for a SHORE ROAD ESSO BADDECK • 29S-300S UNIRDYAL * Tires • RustCliecIc BFCoodrich ""??""' Computerized 4-Wlieel Alignment Exhaust and (ti''' ''' ''i?"" Credit Muffler Repair |g550|) cards Accepted MON to FRI 7 AM to 8 PM • SAT 8 AM to 5 PM fES'' Exit 8 Trans-Canada Hwy 105 • Baddeck I''iJ/lSul r' NN THE TbROMTO-DOMINION BANK 10 Your Bank. Your Way Corner of Charlotte & Pitt Streets P. O. Box 117 Sydney, NS B1P6G9 Phone 567-3610 or 539-6637 • Fax 539-6337 16
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