Page 20 - Wilfred Creighton & the Expropriations: Clearing Land for the National Park, 1936
ISSUE : Issue 69
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1
dow. Well, with the sound hitting the bot? tom of the tin can and then it would--you could pretty well tell the age and the sex with the different sounds. The first was just a pinkie, pinkie, and then it got to be sort of a rattle and a roar coming up. Well, there were fifteen or more of them, so this went on. Well, I had one corner of the patchwork quilt jammed down my throat as far as it would go and the fellow at the other side had the other corner. Well, the old man came, that was really a rattle and a roar. As it came up the tone would change. Oh, I had a sore stomach. Right outside my door! And finally the old grandmother came and it just went swoosh! Well, they got settled away and everything was quiet and we pulled the quilt out of our mouth and I turned to the fellow and I said, "If they all came at once with indi? vidual tin cans they could play 'God Save the King!'" I mean, these were kind people. I'm not making fun of them or miming them. But it was funny, for me. When I was a youngster, we had a chamber pot under the bed, I was used to that. But there were so many and it took so long! And, as I say, you could ??pretty well judge the age and the sex from the sound. END We are grateful to Mr. Creighton for sharing some of his experience with Ken Donovan and APPLE Auto Glass SERVICE DIRECTORY • Windshields - Mobile service at no extra charge • Windshield Repairs - Stone bruises etc. • Auto Upholstery • Convertible Tops • Vinyl Tops • Sun Roofs • Van Accessories • Rear Sliders • Running Boards • Mirrors • Plate Glass • Thermo Units 564-6141 14 Maple Street, Sydney Wilfred Creighton in front of his own home in Halifax Cape Breton's Magazine. He also supplied the photographs. Ken Donovan is an Historian at Fortress Louisbourg National Historic Site and at University College of Cape Breton. Ken would like to thank Judy Donovan Whitty for suggesting that he interview Wilfred Creighton. He also wishes to acknowlege the assistance of Olive Chiasson and Mary Luce Roach, for? mer residents of Cheticamp, Gordon Doucette of Ingonish, and Stanley MacKinnon of Big Intervale, for help in identifying I the houses. Our thanks as well to Ro? sie Aucoin Grace for research on houses formerly at Cap Rouge. Ken Donovan is the editor of Cape Bre? ton at 200 aTd The Island • books of es? says about Cape Breton history. 103 York St., P.O. Box 1703, Sydney, N.S. BIP 6T7 Newspaper Distribution & Courier 1-800-565-8863 562-6032 539-8867 539-8863 Peaturing... REAL QUALITY ICE CREAM! Variety of HOT FOODS Prepared on the Spot Clams • Haddock Fillets French Fries • Egg Rolls • Hamburgers • Pizza Burgers • =3'. TASTY TREAT • OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 10 A.M. TO MIDNIGHT 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: Grand Lake Road • Keltic Drive • Sydney River 20
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