Page 42 - With Kay Currie, Westmount
ISSUE : Issue 69
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1
three times--the next time Michael Currie asks you to get married, to be sure and say yes. Then my whole life was revealed to me.... (Did you see or did you feel?) It was told. I didn't feel it. It just said that I would be the mother of ten children, and that they didn't belong to me, they belonged to our Lord. And to of? fer them up.... (Do you know what that means, to offer them up?) Oh, yes. To let them--for God to guide them on this earth. See, we're all made of dust, and we're all going back to dust again. God made us to love Him, to do His bidding, not ours. We're not supposed to do our own will. It's His will. Actually, that's what we were born for--to take the place of the bad angels that left Heaven, that disobeyed in Heaven--Lucifer and his crowd. They were put into trouble down in the bottom pits of Hell. Kay laughs. Well, we were placed on this earth to take their place, their seats in Heaven. But people don't do that. There's so many not doing His will, or never think of it. "There's no such a thing as God." There's a lot of them like that. They've got to do His will. (And you felt the story of your life was to have ten children, and to offer them-- to raise them up in a way that they....) Every one of them. But sometimes I don't think I did it right! Kay laughs. You know CATERING TO ALL YOUR HEALTH FOOD NEEDS • Herbal Remedies & Teas • Vegetarian Foods • Free Range Chickens & Eggs • Nut Butters • Dairy Free Ice Cream & Cheese • Tofu • Body Care Products • Juices & Grinders • De-Alcoholized Wines & Beer • Bulk Foods tSjiLciaO'inq in 'W'ai 'xc?? & U''aixy 't • ? 'Jodu??ts. J2CLJ2CL InaimaL fooai 156 FALMOUTH ST., SYDNEY C/I'' fyAd (NEAR CENTRE 200) DD'" IUO J what I mean? The world today is so terri? ble, sometimes I wonder. (But this was your job.) Well, it was within me all the time, and that was my goal, you know what I mean, to do His will, not mine. (Actually, it seems like kind of an ordi? nary story, in a way. Isn't that sort of the hope, you would think, of most peo? ple...?) Yeah. But then there's how many don't.... I can't express it. (I bet you could. "How many don't"--just bark it out!) Well, they don't bother. It's just: get up. And there's no such a thing as of? fering the day up to our Lord. You know, once they get out of bed, there's no such a thing as offering anything up to Him. The morning offering, we're taught. You know, we offer up all the prayers, works, sufferings of--you know, that prayer that --I don't know if you know it. (What is that prayer?) "Oh, Jesus, to the most pure heart of thee I offer to you all the prayers, works, sufferings, joys, pleas? ures of each individual to help the world, in reparation for their sins, and in par? ticular for the general intention of this month." Whatever Pope's intention is. BACK TO KAY'S WRITING: Mick bought a farm in East Bay. It was situated in a beautiful spot with an in? tervale and a tributary of the bay. When I was expecting my first child I went to New Waterford to Mick's cousin's place I until I would be confined. After two weeks I became tired of sewing, knitting, and lying around. I looked for a good book to read; there was none, only trashy magazines. One evening a magazine was open at a ta? ble; a picture of a Sister was por? trayed. Curious, I began to read why she was in such a magazine. The story was interesting. One story led to an? other until the next morning on awak? ening, I took up the magazine to fin? ish a story. Suddenly, I lost my eyesight. I got up somehow, dressed, and woke an aunt who was staying in the next room. I was in that state over two hours. While I was eating breakfast I thought of the vow I had made never to read another True Story LeBlanc Siding Ltd.' Island Vinyl Siding Ltd. Authorized Dealer for wCAYCAN Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Aluminum Windows & Doors Shutters / Softfit / Fascia / Awnings Heavy Duty Vinyl Replacement Windows 109 Reservoir Road SYDNEY Professional Installation of Aluminum & Vinyl Siding In Cape Breton for over 18 years. FREE ESTIMATES, and any siding inquiries, Call Collect: BRUCE or SONNY MacPHERSON 539-3665 & 539-4626
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