Page 44 - With Kay Currie, Westmount
ISSUE : Issue 69
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1995/8/1
you are well prepared to go." I burst in tears. Finally I said in a whisper. "Who is going to look after the children?" He smiled and said, "I am saying a Mass for you at 8 o'clock tomorrow morn? ing. You follow the Mass from your prayer- book." Silently, he placed his hand on my fore? head and started for the door. As he was leaving, he was bending lower and lower, his head almost to his knees. At the same instant he was drawing the pain out of my chest. which left a dull ache. After Mass the dull ache left. The women in the room were witnesses to what he did and were amazed. I began to eat and talk, but my legs from the hips down were still paralyzed. The above episode gave me to understand the power God gave his vicars on earth, also that the clergy were not using this power as God wants them to use it. Towards the end of April, I was still in the hospital. A lady who had T.B. of the bone in her leg came to my bedside and said. "Something tells me if you pray to Ste. Anne you will be cured." I had never prayed to her. She gave me literature and I started a novena. I mailed $1.00 for the annals, giving my mother's address. Shortly after, I started begging the doc? tor to let me go home to my parents. Fi- You Get a Feeling of Happiness and Peacefulness (Kay, could you talk to your own husband about this?) I never did. He was one of those • he'd only laugh at me and say, "Well, I'm growing wings, too." He was a very witty person. He'd just pass me off and laugh. You know, you can judge (people), i just didn't do anything about it. Just kept it to myself. (Did you feel a need to share it, to tell other people?) Well, once in awhile I did, when they'd speak about something that I didn't like what they were saying, you know. I'd just give them an example. (Give me an example.) I don't know. I can't explain it.... Say, for instance, you did something against me, and I did something • and we were really angry about it. Well, this happened. (This man) and t, we got into an argument.... I hope you don't put it down...! (Oh, no, that's all right, we won't tell his name!) No, don't say. But, as I went in, I asked his forgiveness. This would be about, oh, months af? terwards. And I was saying to myself, here I am going to communion, and I have this resentment. I'm not what you'd call holy • I used to have the same things as other people, you know. And I said to myself, you're crazy. So I went and I asked his forgiveness (in church). And sure enough, he gave it. He said, "We're all of our own opinion...." And after I came back down i saw • who appeared to me but our blessed Lord, and two people alongside of Him. I couldn't tell you who they were. But • He put His hand like this, and He said, "I am the one to be adored." (Put his hands like in prayer.) Yeah. This was on the altar of the church. This happened in a church. And he said, "I am the one to be adored." And that changed then into our Holy Father, God the Father, you know. See, there's God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. The Blessed Trinity.... Well, the God the Father appeared, over the altar. You often see... CONTINUED NEXT PAGE HORYL'S Superior Sausage Co. JuXi. 5247 Union Hwy. • NEW WATERFORD • B1H 4K4 Phone 862-7177 or 862-7178 SOME OF OUR FINE PRODUCTS INCLUDE: jgggM' * Polish Sausage *g'''' * Salami * Kolbassa ''''''K * Garlic Bologna ''''' * Hot Pepperoni * Weiners 'Hl'Bf * White Pudding dfj'''' * Medium Hot Pepperoni 'll''K * Black Pudding 'l'j''P * Sliced Pizza Pepperoni '''BP * Cooked Ham * Roast Beef * Italian Sausage W' take pride in using only the finest government inspected meats, and the care it takes to make our sausages. When you ask for Horyl's, you get the best. • SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY DELI MEATS FOR OVER 60 YEARS • nally. May 5th, 1940, he discharged me, telling my husband I would never walk. My legs had no circu? lation, the pain was terrible. May 12th the annals ar? rived. I read it from cover to cover and placed it on my legs. The amazing fact, I never asked for a cure but offered the pain for souls. That night at ten, I went into an ecsta? sy- -the only way I can explain it. While in it, I got out of bed, placed the pillows on the floor, knelt and again silently I was giv? en the same revelation: I would be the mother of ten living--it stressed living-- they belonged to God, offer them up. I would have a very hard life, and to bring people to Ste. Anne's. The next morning when I woke up I felt the blood circulating in my left foot. Mother came with my breakfast. I said, "I believe if I had a pair of crutches I could try and walk." She said, "Uncle Jim is coming up the walk with a pair." I was amazed when he said, "I made these for you. You will need them." BUS. 625-5135 FAX 625'851 , HOME 787-2988 i/yfusicsTOpn OPERATED BY: CAiVIERON IVIUSIC SALES ' W3gfl) m 3?' GRANVILLE ST. IMJtW PORT HAWKESBURY, N.S. 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