Page 21 - John Hart of Port Hood - a Scrapbook
ISSUE : Issue 15
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/12/1
Lew; He'd just take a pick and shovel and go out and dig holes. Lee and Lome and I • the three boys • we were all over the country here with him, digging holes here and there. He'd find what he thought was a ledge of rock with something in it; he'd send it off and have it assayed • but he never got anything out of it really. He had an iron mine at Glencoe and he made a few dollars out of that all right • but he was selling his ore to the Sydney Steel Plant. Well, they wanted to buy the mine. They offered him 50,000 for it. He figured if it's worth 50 it's worth a lot more. He wouldn't sell. So they cut off his con? tract and he had to close the mine. He always cursed the mining laws in Nova Scotia. They were such that he couldn't do anything. The Depression was on a lot of the time and money was scarce. He'd be al3?? enthused once you'd dig a hole and strike a ledge of rock that looked good • and he had good assay reports on a lot of the stuff • but it was hard to get companies involved. Lee; It was an uncle who set them up to go to the Klondike, my father and his first cousin, Simon Fraser • he grubstaked them 500 dollars apiece. But his father wanted him to come home to Port Hood, to take the store • he was lonesome for him. But his cousin Simon Fraser continued, prospected in Utah. And he hit it. They call it the Silver Xing Mine. And that mine is still operating. If my father had've stayed, he'd been in it. But he had to come back. And the old man who grubstaked thera • he died a millionaire. yr Lew; Died 1964 • 12th of January. Buried on the 15th. Coldest uay I ever remember. Q,*-"' "*??>. We Specialize iiii Camping Equipment and Clothing of All Kinds as well as Hardware, Plttrabing and Electrical Supplies Reuben McEvoy*s General Store Ltd INGONISH BEACH Open all year at the entrance to the beantifttl Cape Breton Highlands National Park OCEAN GLASS LTD. WINDSHIELDS INST/a.LED OJM THE SPOT Mobile Service 765 Grand Lake Road Sydney Call Collect 539-6140 TROPICANA Restaurant &Lounge; ROmANA SYDNEY SHOPPING MALL Prince Street, Sydney Restaurant Hours 11 AM - 10 PM Lounge Hours 11 AM - 1 AM TOP BANDS NIGHTLY
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