Page 17 - From Shelia Green's God & Me
ISSUE : Issue 70
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1
Thus, He swam well • but not well enough. And He didn't get angry or go home in a huff. All day they played on the beach, in the water, in the mud. They rolled and raced and got full of crud. They searched the sand and below the cliffs Looking for snails and crabs in the rifts. The time sped by with all the fun. Soon the day was almost done. "We'd better get home," said one of the kids. "Hey, new guy, where do you live?" But when they turned around, God was gone. ir-i It's Not Acceptable Anymore! A few years ago, drinking was part of a good time, but too many "good times" ended in tragedy. Today drinking and driving is socially unacceptable and tough laws are in place to enable police to detea and stop drinking drivers. If alcohol makes up part of your celebrations • Select a designated driver who doesn't drink to get the rest of the group home safely. Take a cab or other public transportation. Arrange to stay over until you've sobered up. As a host, make food, non-alcoholic drinks and activities the hig'ilights of the party. Provide accommodations, or a drive home for guests who've "had too much." And, never offer anyone too much to drink or "one for the road." And remember, this applies to all types of vehicles, including ATVs, boats and snowmobiles. Don't risk your life • and those you love • for a "good time." Department of Business and Consumer Services Honourable Don Oowne "I guess he already left for home." From way up high, God looked down with a smile. "That's the most joy I've shared for a while. It was a day packed with good ftin. Still, the darkness must always come. Moon, shine bright on this special night • I want to see that my children are all right." "You should go more often," an angel said. God wearily turned and shook His head. "No, now and then is truly fine. I couldn't keep up with them all the time." No Sense I brought it home. Dad put it out. I still don't know what all the fuss was about. It was only a snake, a dull kind of brown, But it turned Mom's smile into a frown. 'Outside," said Dad, "is where God meant them to be.' That didn't make much sense to me. "What about the yucky fish you bring from the sea and stick on a plate in front me? Shouldn't they be let where God meant them to be?" I don't know about God, but I was wrong; 'Cause I'm in my bedroom and the snake is gone. God & Me is available in book and gift stores across Canada. It can also be or? dered direct? ly from Bre? ton Books, Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia B0C1H0. The price is $5.95, plus GST and shipping. See Order Form on page 76. Alison R. Grapes, illustrator 17
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