Page 24 - Lakeboats on the Bras d'Or
ISSUE : Issue 15
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/12/1
quiet life, get in among a bunch--just go right crazy. When the Marion finished they put a boat by the name of MacHenry on. She was First Wbrld War • an all iron ship • only a small boat for going around feeding other ships with ammunition, feul. Captain Carmichael came in on her and I was working repairing the wharf. "Do you want a ship?" I don't care. "Jump aboard." Wait till I go home, get a pair of shoes and some clothes. I got back and started to unload; 500 bags and 35 barrels of flour. Then I went on the Lakeview. She didn't carry the quan- tity of stuff the Marion carried but she carried plenty. Michael MacLean, Baddeck; On the Lakeview we swung a lot of flour and feed and we twisted a lot of cows tails too. And there was a lot of them run away with us and a lot of them got away too. Vfe used to have an awful time with the calves. Sometimes you'd throw one on your back and have to carry him in. Sometimes you'd put a rope around his neck, try to pull him he'd start going backwards. Turn him around the other way and pull him and he'd back on, back up all right. Oh, you'd get him in some way. There was a fellow by the name of Hughie Gillis used to come from Margaree. Herd steers in. My God, they were big animals. On the way down if it starts to storm • easter or north-easter • we'd have to stay in Kelly's Cove. And they'd start bawling about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and they wouldn't stop till you left some time the next day. You were lucky you got out of there the next day. Nothing to spend a weekend there. Have to haul water all day to them. Clean them. And then there was sheep. Sheep were terrible altogether. Bleat. There was no night's rest when they were around. I saw them in Nyanza one time, in December • 35 or 40 sheep in a flock there • we herded them aboard. And there was one went right straight across the gangway and jumped overl'ard. There was ice • a half an inch or less • and she went through the ice. Three or four followed the one that went overboard. We got them stopped. The swam underneath the ice in to the shore, vie broke the ice and pulled them out of that. Soaken wet they weighed about 400 pounds • and we had to get them aboard* Laid them up against the boiler Michael MacLean MR. TIRE LTD. 267 Prince Street Sydney The Radial Tire People Specializing in ''' I.'IUINIIJI and the World Famous Bandag Re-treading Fully Equipped Mobil Unit PHONE: 539-5670 Cape Breton's Magazine/24 VjP* LIMITED ''' ' PLUMBING • HEATING I. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ' • OIL BURNER SALES & SERVICE • AIR CONDITIONING & VENTILATING SYSTEMS • MAYTAG APPLIANCES FREE ESTIMATES 539-6200 TELEX 01MS213 885 VICTORIA ROAD SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA
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