Page 25 - John Angus Fraser and the Wreck of the Kismet II
ISSUE : Issue 70
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1
getting back aboard--maybe they wouldn't try and stop me--and if they did I could always jump. So when I got to the railing, I hollered. And Fraser answered me, and nobody else. And I asked Fraser did he answer me every time I hollered. He said yes, the four times I hollered. Then I went back to the place I lost the flashlight, or got it knocked out of my hand. There was nothing knocked it out of my hand. When I swung around fast, my hand hit the guardrail on the stairs going to the upper deck, and away went the light. And I made one more holler, and when Fraser did answer, my mind was at ease. Now another problem arose. If there were no human beings, what about the coil of rope? But I wasn't worried too much now. Just find a light. So I had some paper matches that weren't too good in the wind, and I would try not to light them until I would get inside of a door. The first door I went into sure took the wind out of me when I lit the match. When I lit the match I cupped it with my hands. And when you light a match like that, you are blinded for a second. And with that flash of the match and the small vision I had of that room--it was one of the most horrible things I ever laid eyes on. I never waited to light another match. I said to myself, "John Angus, what kind of ship is that?"-- as what the glimpse of my eyes caught: parts of human bodies--their arms, their hips, their heads, their ribs. So I got out of that room fast. Do you see the horror that I was going through? All because I like to be on some adventure, no different how wild it may be, or how crazy. I don't remember how I got on the bridge. When I came to myself I was in the offi? cers' dining room. It was a beautiful room with a big table in the centre and about 5 half bottles of rum on it, which I found ~ Our 26th Year in Business ~ Canso Realties Ltd. Box 727 Port Hawkesbury, N. S. BOE 2V0 • Phone (902) 625-0302? We carry 300 listings of property for sale in Cape Breton and Eastern Nova Scotia. JIM MARCHAND * BROKER r' ''We're Proud To Be Growing With Nova Scotia. '' M. kkkk m' m • :%% A m. :%*::i' 'M'' :$:$! • . .$: . • : • : • : • $: S10RA' I:.I Ml- Mik M. fl M ::5ft:::A 'ii': • :!*!:::??. Stora Forest Industries Ltd. P.O. Box 59, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada BOE 2V0 Tel. (902) 625-2460 25
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