Page 26 - Lakeboats on the Bras d'Or
ISSUE : Issue 15
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/12/1
George Morrison; We often went out? side and all the forward windoxvs all smashed in • get into a storm outside. And there'd be headropes on the cows and turn around snap the headropes and drifted inside with the water. We lost some. We often lost pigs.VThere was one time there was 10,000 feet of lumber on the forward deck. And they sent Micky out with 2 x 4s and nails to nail it up so the s'a wouldn't take it. So he was out there and he hap? pened to look and saw nothing coming but a blue ocean. And he was like a cat anyway. He'd jump over the moon. He turned around and he saw this coming and he said. This is the end. There was only about 6 inches of an opening. I was standing there watch? ing. Next thing I saw him come in and the sea come in behind him and I don't know yet how he ever got through it. We lost 14 pigs another time; We saw them getting loose but we couldn't get out to get a hold of them. The sea was a-wash and the next thing we knew we saw the box going overboard with all the pigs. But they weren't floating no time. See, they cut their throat, with their hooves. Cut their throat and they're gone • no time. And sheep can't swim either. Water gets into their wool, takes them down. Same with hens. We carried boxes and boxes of hens. There was lots of boxes that vte carried of hens there that we couldn't lift. Three of us couldn't. Just up-end it and try to get it on the trolley and get it up like that. Michael; Lifted a box one time to shift it and the bottom stayed and the hens came out • sitting on the wat'r all over the lake. George; We had some good days and bad days. We car? ried everything you could think of. That was the only way people had to ship their stuff. In the fall, after November, we could only get to Baddeck; people used to go down to Baddeck to get their stuff. Michael; Nyanza Bay would be all frozen over. George; Couldn't get in. But we went in there one time breaking ice and the In? dians were out there spearing • it was 6 inches of blue ice. Just backed up and we'd give it to her. Michael; Only for that we'd have been in .the Bras d'Or lake for the winter. George; And the Indians were taking off, some with their spears and some more leaving them • seeing the ice cracking here and there. We often broke 6 inches. We came in to Whycocomagh different times and didn't put any lines out at all • just leave her • the ice vvould hold her to the v 'arf. Michael; We'd leave Sydney at 7 o'clock in the morning, call in North Sydney and go from North Sydney to Big Bras d'Or. Next there was New Campbellton • used to call it Kelly's Cove then • and from there to New Harris, Boulardarie Centre, Ross Ferry, Big Harbour, Kempt Head and Baddeck. And there was Washabuck, Nyanza, South Cove, South Side Little Narrows and the North Side Little Narrows • two wharves at Little Narrows • and then Whycocomagh. Tied up there for the night. Then the next day went into Sydney and called along at all those wharves. The Bras d'Or Lakes were booming in those days compared to what it is today. One time there was a steer got away, ran away from us in Sydney • got down to the park • he created an awful disturbance. We left him there. It got too late. And we went down the next morning • it was on a Saturday • and he came up George Street and he went in a driveway and there was a big clothesline full of wash • sheets • and he went right through there. I fi? gured there'd be war on. But he got up George Street • ahead of me and out on the' street again and up at Dorchester Street there was a man by the name of Sam MacKenzie • a big black horse, he was trucking. And this steer came up and he put the kicks to the horse • and then the dogs came. And then there was a bunch of youngsters. All the kids in town were CHICKEN CHALET jried 4 outlets to seive'you- Bloweis St, North Sydney 794-3534 Sydney Shopping Centre, Prince SL 564-6322 Steriing Road, Glace Bay 849-6689 C.B. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River 564-6646 Qualified Dispensers Always in Attendance OWL DRUG STORE D. I. MacDonald, Prop. Your Northside DOROTHY GRAY DISTRIBUTOR Convalescent and Sick Room Supplies Sales & Rental Drug Sundries and Cosmetics P.O.Box 125 794-3611 North Sydney ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE
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