Page 41 - Mary Ann (MacLellan) MacEachern
ISSUE : Issue 70
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1
I heard she was coming, so I took all the clothes off and everything and hid them. My God, she came in, and came into the room. She said, "Did you see a woman going by here today?" "What wom? an?" I said. "A tall wom? an came down the River Denys Road, she had a hat full of flowers, and she had a white purse in her hand." "I haven't seen her. Perhaps she's a rel? ative of John Gillis," I said. (Laughter.) She went down to John Gillis and he saw her coming. He told her, "I can't tell you anything, Mary, I didn't see her. Maybe she was a stranger from away." She never did find out who she was. Another time, I was about fourteen or fifteen years old, and one of John Mac- Lellan's boys was out at our place. My brother. Alec Dan, God rest his soul, made two sticks like that (side by side), and put steps like a lad? der on them. So it was getting kind of dark. Alec Dan put the boy on the ladder, and they put coat. So Alec Dan started boy on the ladder. And my nald saw this coming down dark. The next day, Mary place. She said, "I saw a road, and my God how tall he was. I've never seen someone as tall in my life. A tall man in a grey coat." She went around trying to find out who the man was, but she didn't find out. Alec Dan was full of tricks him? self, God rest his soul. A Wedding Song: "Tha mi 'seo sa' chollle chruinn" Chorus: Tha mi 'sec sa' choille chruinn Teannaidh mi ri togail fuinn Tha na gillean 6ga cruinn 'S b'fhedrr leam fhin gu robh mi ann. 1. 'S nuair a thill lad d "Glendale" An deaghaidh am pdsadh a bhi r'idh Chaidh an fhiodhall 'chuir air gleus Gus a' cheum a chuir air dhanns 2. Thuirt lain "By George" Chuir sin mise far mo dhbigh Tha feadhainn ann an taigh a' "hall" Dheuchainn cdmhrag anns a' ghleann 3. Gu'n deach am Briiithneach far a dhbigh Leis a' lughad 'sa bh'ann ri 61 Chuir e 'n fhiodhall air a' bhdrd 'S cha sheinneadh e cedl gun taing 4. Chaidh Seumas ann an cul '8 eagai air ro na DCighailaich Cloinn 'llliosa 's lad air an smiiid Daoine tOrail as an ceann Chorus: I'm here in the round forest I'll start to sing a song The young fellows are gathered And I wish I was there (with them) 1. And when they returned from Glendale After the marriage ceremony was finished The fiddle was put in tune To get the steps to dancing (?) 2. John said "By George" That put me In bad spirits There are ones in the wedding house That I would attempt to fight In the glen 3. O'Brien was put in bad cheer With the small amount there was to drink He put the fiddle on the table And he would not play music in spite of them 4. James went in a corner Afraid of the MacDougalis The Gillises and they inebriated Men completely out of their minds Three Notes from Jeff MacDonald Note #1: Three verses referring to a fight could not be properly deciphered from the record? ing. I know of two other local versions on this air and with this chorus, one composed by Ddmhnall Lios (Donald MacLean) of Big Brook, Inverness County, and the second com? posed by Allan Dan Maclnnis of Glendale, Inverness County. Both were on themes of drinking. Note #2: She also does a fine job on a drinking song composed by Dbmhnaii Lios, "Fal ithill 6ileadh 6 ro, 'S ochoin nuair a dh'fhaibh sinn," which makes reference to Ddmhnail's family having to leave Judique Intervale. Note #3: She also sings a verse and the chorus to "Will you marry me my bonnie, bonnie lassie, Gur fhada bho'n a bha mis' an geall ort" by Sine Iteanaidh (Maclnnis) of Glendale. Sine would have been an aunt to Allan Dan mentioned earlier and was one of the only fe? male bards of the Glendale area. on a long grey walking with the God, Mary MacDo- the road in the came to our man going up the away. Someone asked you for a drink of wa? ter, and your father asked you to get it. You went to the porch and there was ice in it, and you took the ice and put it down your father's back.) (Irene: Did you tell him about the time that you had a visitor in to see your father, and they were talking Welcome to Baddeck! Heavenly Angels & Glass Creations Opening July '96 * Send a guardian angel to someone special (giftwrapped widi card). Call 1-888-AN-ANGEL * Visit our gift shop to see our large selection of Angels, Stained Glass, Blown Glass, and more. Chcbucto Street, Baddeck, NS 295-1999 • Waterfront Dining BELL BUOY RESTAURANT Baddeck, N.S. 295-2581 Sinoke-Free Environment I The Doorway to the Heart of Cape Breton ...
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