Page 44 - Mary Ann (MacLellan) MacEachern
ISSUE : Issue 70
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1
yet!" (Laughter.) He had torn his gown here (points down towards her feet), and my sis? ter Mary was home then, and she sewed it. Every night, you couldn't have your supper, and you'd see the priest looking up through the windows. My father and mother went to church one day, and Father Mac? Pherson came to me, and I wasn't very big then. He said he had seen my aunt Maggie over at a ceilidh, and when he started ques? tioning her, she told him a bag full of lies. He said to me, "Can you tell me where Alec Dan is?" I had seen my brother, he and the Gil? lis boy were sawing wood. "No, Father, I can't," I said. "I like Alec Dan, I don't want to tell you." Father MacPherson said, "Oh Mary, that's okay," and he gave me ten cents. I was so scared of him. He asked my sister Mary where Alec Dan was, and she said, "I can't tell. He'11 go and not tell us where he's going. I'm telling the truth now." That's right enough. Mary Ann's sister, Mary MacLellan, who died of spinal meningitis at 19. And three of her brothers: Alex Dan, Ronald (upper right), who died and is buried in Halifax, and Allan (below), who died at Marble Mountain. My brother Johnny was at a ceilidh at John O'Brien's. He was only seven or eight years old. Father MacPher? son landed, and asked Johnny where Alec Dan was, but he didn't tell him anything. Father MacPher? son took the belt off his middle, and he told Johnny to put his hands out. He got ten lashes on his hands. John O'Brien says, "Leave the boy alone, the boy's got no knowledge." His hands swelled up from the strap, and he came home like that. A warm, friendly bakery and deli offering a variety of specialty and natural food items NYANZA fTrans-Canada Hwy. 105) '??"'S.tS?? 295-2275 "SJSfS?lS,e? I remember when Father MacPherson got one man. Alec MacDonald got a bottle of whis? key for old Sam MacDonnell. Alec was going up to ceilidh at their house, and who met him, but Father MacPherson and Christopher O'Henly. Christopher had to give him the summons, and Alec had to go to Whycocomagh tt SaveV4% On Your New Mortgage! Community Banking in Cape Breton Bank of Montreal We*re Paying Attention ape nreton BETTENS CONSTRUCTION'=?"'' [ General Contracting' Residential & Commercial FOUNDATIONS • FLOORS REINFORCED CONCRETE SLABS RAISING OF BUILDINGS Serving Cape Breton Since 1929 PHONE: (902) 849-7639 FAX: (902) 849-6566 157 MAIN STREET, GLACE BAY B1A 4Z1
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