Page 47 - Mary Ann (MacLellan) MacEachern
ISSUE : Issue 70
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1
ther Maclsaac, to the priest. That was a sign, he said. "God took her to heaven body and soul"--she was so good. She was awful good, she'd be going out and picking berries and things. All the people looking for her and they couldn't find her. (Who was Father Maclsaac?) He was from Broad Cove. He was in Glendale before Father MacPherson; baptized every one of us, and all the other children up there. Yeah, he was a nice priest. There's a big, big monument at the grave. I and Duncan Gillis were the last two baptized by him. Me first, then Duncan was the last one. Duncan is in Boston; he's married now; he's old. I'd like to know how he is or if he's living, but I can't see anybody that can tell me. He married a girl from Mabou. (You must have heard some good ghost sto? ries while you were growing up.) No, I don't know. I wasn't picking any stories up at all; the old ones were, but I wasn't interested. That story about the woman milking the cows, you heard that one, did you? It's a story of when my father was up at the old place. There were two grand-aunts up there. The women had two cows and a churn, and they would make butter. One day, they had no salt to salt the butter. So one of them went over to a neighbour's house, to get a bowl of salt. That was okay, she got it, and she made the butter. After that, the woman who borrowed the salt died, and she never returned the salt home. Here, weren't the neighbours, some women, out milking the cows in the pen, and they saw this woman com? ing. It was the one that didn't send the salt home. They got scared. They didn't wait to milk the cows, they took off home. They recog? nized the woman as the one who died. They told the priest about seeing the wom? an. The priest told them that if they see her again, ask her what she wants "in the name of God." The next day the same women were in milking the cows, and the ghost came again. One of them asked her, "What in the name of God do you want? I'm scared." The woman said, "I forgot to send that salt home, will you please send it home, and you won't see me anymore." So they got the salt (from the other great-aunt), and then sent it home. They never saw her anymore. You see, anything you got and you didn't pay it back, (your soul won't be able to rest, until the debt is repaid). There were two brothers. One of them was sick and he died. (Before he died) he willed his suit to another boy, but the other brother forgot. So the brother was out one night, and he saw this fellow com? ing. It was his brother. "What in the name of God are you doing here?" He said, "You didn't give that suit to the other boy. I We want you to go away. • IN COMFORT • 181 Charlotte Street 5394800 MavflowerMaU 5640600 t' Maritime Mariin Travel We Know Travel Best. FREE ESTIMATES Phone:539-4111 Certainteed / Kohler VINYL WINDOWS Specialists in mndoyvsi f" • ?? w' • No structural changes '''/''AXjKfft' • No more painting • Clean from inside 341 Welton St., Sydney SERVING ALL OF CAPE BRETON PRODUCTS LTD. Its a Clime what an amateur will do to a perfecdy ample print job (jet the pKK touch 47
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