Page 48 - Mary Ann (MacLellan) MacEachern
ISSUE : Issue 70
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1
willed it to him. Will you go home and give that suit to him, and you won't see me any? more." That was bothering him. So he took off home and gave the suit to the other boy, and he didn't see his brother anymore. There's another story about two men, they were from Creignish. Two brothers. One of the two brothers stole a log chain, for binding the wood on the sleigh. The fellow that took the log chain, he was the older of this. He couldn't sleep. This brother stole this from some place. He told his brother, "I can't sleep every night up there." "What's wrong?" "The log chain is rattling and rattling around." " Did you take anything home that you didn't send j back?" "Yes, I did." "What was it?" "A log 1 chain." "Well, you'd better go and take that home." He couldn't sleep a wink every night because the log chain was rattling and rattling and rattling. So he had to get up through the night, blessed himself, and he had to go with the log chain. The man got up. "What are you doing up at this time of night?" The brother told the man, "This log chain over there, I couldn't sleep, it was making noise all the time, making noise, making noise." "Oh, that log chain," he said, "was stolen. That's why it's making noise." He went and took the log chain home (to the owner) and they didn't hear it anymore. (Irene: Tell the story about when you see "the bird," it means someone is going to die.) The Casino's friendly, relaxed '' atmosphere and sports theme design offers thrills and excitement with 350 slot machines and 20 gamingtables. Enjoy live performances on stage in the Millionaire's Lounge or catch the latest in sports on the giant-screen. The All Star Grille offers a winning Une-up of favorite foods and daily specials. Join us for Fabulous Fun and Fortune at the Sheraton Casino Sydney. For information on group events... contact the Casino directly. 525 George Street (902)563-7777 When you see "the bird," it's a sign that someone is going to die. It's called the Taibhse in Gaelic. The bird is (a messenger) from the other world. My mother and father were milking the cows in the pen, and this bird sat on the fence, and started screeching. The bird followed them clear into the milk house, and when it got in, it made another screech. The next morning, someone came to tell us that (my brother) Al? lan was killed at Marble Mountain. He was cutting the fuses too short, and a rock hit him here (on the fore? head) and killed him. My husband Charlie saw the bird too. Charlie went down to get water at the well, and a bird made a screech. Charlie paid no attention to it. He got the water, then the bird followed him back up (to the house), and it made another screech. When he came in, he saw it try to fly into the house through the window. The Monday after that, I was cook? ing potatoes--Jim liked her? ring- -and curds for Alec Dan MacMillan. Charlie was in the woods, and Jim and Alexander had gone after the mare in Glencoe. So I had cleaned the rooms up, the kitchen, the windows, cleaned the porch out, and every bit of the house up. A knock came at the
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