Page 54 - John Cabot's Landfall, 1497 - "It WAS Cape Breton!"
ISSUE : Issue 70
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/6/1
acceptance of that theory. In commenting upon the suggestion of the council of the Royal Society that a permanent memento of the great achievement of Cabot should be erected upon some point of the Nova Scotia coast, they remarked that no place on the whole Atlantic coast seemed so suitable as Sydney: that com? munity was about twenty miles in a direct line from the eastern? most point of land in the province; and while it was believed that the landfall was at the easternmost point of Cape Breton, it was impossible to locate with certainty, within a few miles, the pre? cise spot upon which the banner of St. George was first planted. Riverside Cleaners Cape Breton's Only Drive-Thru DryCleaning KINGS ROAD • SYDNEY Lowest Drycleaning Prices in Town! As it turned out, however, the Royal Society of Canada chose the city of Halifax for the Cabot celebration in 1897. In view of the controversy with respect to the landfall of 1497, Halifax was considered as a neutral ground on which all the disputants could happily meet without giving up their respective theories. The Royal Society did not identify itself with any of those theo? ries but called upon all the disputants to meet on a common ground of action and join in paying a just tribute to a great nav? igator, whose claims to fame were tersely set forth in the in? scription on the tablet which was placed in the entrance hall of Province House in Halifax. On this piece of brass work, deco? rated with the arms of England, Bristol and Venice, and other appropriate emblems, the following words may be read: This Tablet is in Honour of the Famous Navigator, JOHN CABOT Who under authority of letters-patent of Henry VII directing him 'to con? quer occupy and possess' for England all lands he might fmd 'in whatever w' uome Tor me summer, ''' stay for the fall colours' '"' vou are welcome to . Newfound VICTORIA COUNTY C? Brunswick you 'VICTORIA COUNTY Make Victoria County the centre of your stay In Cape Breton. Hiking, swimming and golfing, motels or camping, music and dance, museums' and craftspeople • Victoria County is a world to explore. And It's an excellent' Uv''''" -??3'' base from which to reach all Other parts of the Island' :Si i;'lt Brook ' Whit. Pt. ' Srooit t K?ltiG Lodg* CapaSmokay IS Z.''''' . e.v '"' /',v. ""'??'??'vJ'' 7''' "CIAD MILE FAILTE" One Hundred Thousand Welcomes from VICTORIA COUNTY'S Warden, CounciUors, & Residents Take time to meet our people! Victoria County Is a Year 'Round Joy! Whether it's a Summer sailing regatta, Winter Alpine and cross-country skiing, or driving and hiking through the Autumn • we invite you to join us, and ... Enjoy Victoria County • We Do! SUMMER OF 1996 Centre Bras d'Or Festival of the Arts| Baddeck: JULY 1 - AUGUST 31 Canada Day Celebrations Neil's Harbour & Baddeck: JULY 1 Crab Supper & Fishing Derby Bay St Lawrence: JULY 11 Highland Village Day lona: AUGUST 3 Regatta Week Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck: AUGUST 4 to 10 Pork Chop Barbecue & Fair Ross Ferry: AUGUST 10 Fishing Boat Races Jersey Cove: AUGUST 10 Linger by the Sea Festival Neil's Harbour: AUGUST 16 to 18 Festival of Scottish Fiddling Gaelic College, St. Ann's: AUGUST 17 to 18 Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod Gaelic College, St Ann's: AUGUST 23 to 25 FeisCladachaTuath North Shore Gaelfc Festival: SEPTEMBER 13 to 5 AND MUCH MORE, SUMMER & WINTER! Victoria County Recreation Dept: (902) 295-3231 or e-mail: [email protected] 54
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