Page 4 - With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde
ISSUE : Issue 71
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1
the next year. (Sounds to me like you had no regrets.) No, never had. He's 9 years gone, anyway; he was 9 years in the 1st of March (1995), I'm pretty sure. I think he died in 1986. I think that's what's on the tombstone in Arichat. We have a beautiful tombstone there. And his birth and death is on the tombstone, and the place for mine is there. And my place is there right beside him, when I go, where Pearl is going to put me, have my in? scription on my side of the tombstone. Any time that you ever come to Arichat, go to the church and you'll see it. Not far from the church, the St. John's Anglican Church --not very far, on the right-hand side go? ing up is the tombstone, his and mine. My husband (Lennox Mauger) was the last in the line of the generations. And finally, he came in for everything, when everybody else had built homes for themselves and they had moved out. Even when I came here (in 1917)-- when we were married and I came to live here Congratulations on your 25th year! ?::;?;;:;: rSTRAIT-HIGHLANDS 800 M 3390 ' REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY [email protected] Proud to Serve... MULGRAVE • PORT HAWKESBURY • INVERNESS COUNTY RICHMOND COUNTY AND VICTORIA COUNTY PO BOX 2200 PORT HAWKESBURY NOVASCOTIA BOE 2V0 CANADA 78 years ago, he still had--there were seven in the family home when I came here.... My husband--his father died when my hus? band was only 14 years of age. Phillip Mauger was his name. Then, he was left with his mother. And there were six in the family. But Lennox was the oldest. So you can see. He was 14 when his father died. But when his mother died he was 16. Then he was left with all the family. He was married (when) he was 19, going on 20. (But at 16, he was the man of the house.) He was the man of the house. Yes, he had to. And they were all orphans, the father and mother were gone. And then he had to take over. He had to take over. Well now, at that time--I'11 tell you what helped a lot. They didn't have much money, you know, in my time. They had to barter and exchange and things. In the woodlot, there was a beautiful grove of hardwood trees. And that's back there, and the lit? tle ones are still coming up. And those trees were about the time that it was ready for them to cut them down, because they would have become rotten at...the centre, you know what I mean. So there? fore, the dear Lord is always kind and helps. (Lennox) had that to depend on. And they started--he got people helping him-- boys of his own age and everything-- helping him to cut down these trees. And he found that he could sell them at a pretty good price a cord. Oh, they thought that it was good. I don't remember how much.... For hardwood. Anyway, they cut and cut and cut. And they managed to live that way with the money they could take in from the hardwood. They managed.... Besides what they did on the farm, you know. He was a wonderful farmer, my hus? band was. DON'T MAKE A MOVE WITHOUT US! • LOCAL 'LONG DISTANCE • OVERSEAS LARGE OR SMALL - WE MOVE IT ALL 'MOFFATT '' Moving & Storage SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY & INSURED CALL THE PROFESSIONALS • OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE Financing Available O. A. C, 30' to 90'Day Interest Free VISA / Mastercard on Long Distance • 1-800-267-6885 FREE ESTIMATES 562-0222 490 GATEWAY POINT EDWARD Weekends & After Hours ' '''' Atlnv 564-0963/562-1978 '' .fiwuo FAX 564-6865 VAN lines / AGEm-
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