Page 7 - With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde
ISSUE : Issue 71
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1
Lennox Mauger and the ox And we had everything to eat. We had boiled dinners. We grew all our vegeta? bles. We lived like princes with the food that didn't cost us hardly anything. We grew our food. So, do you know what he used to pay some of those fellows a day? 75 cents. 25 cents for little fellows to come and put the seed. 50 cents a day, for little fellows. And...when he'd go out plowing he probably would get 3 or 4 dol? lars a day for plowing. (He had) a great big oxen. Pearl will show you the picture of the ox. It's in the Set sail for the Cabot 500 Celebrations Make 1997 the year you set sail Jor Newfoundland and Labrador because with the Cabot 500 Celebrations going on, there's hundreds of special once-in-a-lifetime events. Drive on board either one of Marine Atlantic's superferries, and leave the driving to us. Relax, watch a movie, grab some dinner or a snack. Marine Atlantic has it all. Call 1-800-563-NFLD for your 500th Anniversary Planning Guide and get ready to ciixise to the celebrations the way it was meant to be Call 1 800 341 7981 Don't miss the boat. ' - kitchen hanging up. Not long before he died, he took a picture of the ox, and it's hanging up there.... And that was the ox that put in all those hundred barrels of seed, that ox. And he was alone. He didn't want another. When Lennox had hors? es --he'd have to have two horses hitched onto the plow. But when he didn't have the horses, he'd have the ox. Steers, they call it. And this big steer would take that and rush through the--and sometimes he'd say, "Ho!" --what would they say now?--the way you talk to an ox. I forget. Anjrway, they don't talk to them like you do to a horse.... And the ox would stop, right like that, wouldn't move, if he told him. He'd under? stand . And when Lennox would tell the ox to back up, Lennox would pull the plow back, and the ox would back, back, back. "Whoa!" he'd say. And then the ox would stand right still. That ox couldn't talk, and that was all. He just couldn't talk. Beautiful, big.... They had to get rid of him. They put him on pas? ture for a year or two and fat? tened him up, and then--oh, it broke my heart. But, had to get rid of it.... Af? ter all the hours the poor ox had IVs more fun to eat in a pub... Than to drink in a restaurant Cheaper too Let us prove it! Yfo7i""" 10 oz T-Bone Steaks Served with baked potato and toasted garlic bread Buy one at regular menu price (SS.9S) and get a second FREE Cape Breton's FAVORITE PUB DOWNTOWN SYDNEY 456 CHARLOTTE ST.,NS 562-8586 CAPE BRETON BRACE LTD. 66 Cornwallis Street, Sydney, NS • 539-5100 • -10% Seniors* Custom Braces & Orthotics IL Up'tO'Date stock of Stylish Shoes 20% Off ORTHOPEDIC SHOES inStock First in Nova Scotia with fully computerized diagnostic gait analysis foot impression system. (?? CANES 'WALKERS ?? CRUTCHES) CAPE BRETON BRACE: WORKING TO KEEP ACTIVE PEOPLE IN MOTION!
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