Page 25 - The Foster Revival in the Margarees
ISSUE : Issue 71
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1
verts felt loathe to go home at the close of the service in the church and so they gathered in this house to pray. They had no hght except that furnished by a borrowed tallow candle. The two floors were laid and the roof was finished, also the stair? way to the second floor. This house was literally packed with earnest souls, including the stairway on which I was sitting, with my feet hanging down over the edge just above the jam below in the hallway. It was while here, sitting in this precari? ous position, that I offered my first public prayer. The prayer was brief, for someone who was sitting on the same step moved a bit and the pressure pushed me off the stairway, down on those who were kneeling in the hall. But the service went on as if nothing happened. (3) Another event which made a profound impression on me was the story told by two young men who were school teachers on the coast, down near the Cape North country, about sixty miles from Margaree. These teachers were serving in adjoining school sections. They knew nothing of the mighty revival of re? ligion in Margaree. But strange to say, they had become rest? less, so much so that they could not continue their work as teachers. Meeting frequently, they told each other of their strange feelings. They had only begun the fall term a few weeks before, but they declared that diey could not teach, and so in? formed the trustees of their respective schools. The trustees thought the teachers were homesick in that far away lonely part of the island and refused to grant them permission to abandon their work. However, they said they could not continue longer, so they started for their home in Margaree. It was a long journey by foot across the mountains of Cape Breton, but, fi? nally, on reaching a French settlement on the coast of Margaree Har? bour, on the west side of the island, they went into a farmer's house for din? ner. On learning of their home in the Northeast valley of Margaree, their host said: "Have you heard of the revival of re? ligion in Margaree?" Glenda walks me tiiree tiines a day! Jflk A QiihH' hint tn mu r)7;m/'i<;*' 'btle hint to my O! While you're mvay, 1 need full-time low and e arhill Kennels gives me all '' that and more! When I board with Glenda I'm never bored!! *i And she even takes cats!!! f, Vaccination certificate required. MlIjii]:]]:]:]! 1/ / / ::i:]:::[e::ii[ii M]ES!B[ Also... All Wood Parts for Tole Painting (Finished or Unfmislied) ON CABOT TRAIL, WEST OF BADDECK Exit 7 (Cabotland) • 3.5 km. off T.C.H. HOURS: 7:30 - 5:00 MONDAY-FRIDAY COIVIPLETE CUSTOM SIZE WINDOWS VINYL OR WOOD REPLACEMENT OR NEW CONSTRUCTION ALSO: DOORS (STEEL & PATIO) VINYL SIDING SOFFIT & FASCIA SHUTTERS, MOULDINGS GLASS & MIRROR KITCHEN CABINETS FREE ESTIMATES 295-2549 FAX 295-2952 Evenings & Saturday Appointments Available "No," they replied. "Well, they have all gone crazy up there over reUgion," said the Frenchman. The boys arrived home and on that same night told their thrill? ing story to the congregation. They declared that they knew nothing of the revival, but that God had called them home, and there they yielded their lives to Christ. These two teachers re? tumed to resume their work in their respective schools, but later they entered the Christian ministry. No psychology can explain this moral phenomenon. It was God at work in answer to prayer, and in this, as in many other events that occurred in this revival, there was found unanswerable proof of the supernatural fact of Christianity and that God does communicate Himself to men. I attended all the services during the revival, but it was not until the second week that I decided to pray and seek salvation. I had a chum whose name let us say was Frank and nightly we went together to the services. I urged Frank to take a stand and con? fess Christ, but he always replied: "No, if you will, I will." I would nudge him in the ribs, boy-like, with my elbow and say, "Go on, you are older than I. When you get up and confess Christ than I shall." Frank nudged back and said: "No, if you will then I will." Night after night the nudging continued with the same result. Finally I decided that Frank was not in earnest and that I must take my stand alone. I spent much of the time, during the days of this week, digging potatoes in an obscure part of the old farm where I was unseen by the neighbors. It ws a narrow wedge-like patch coming to a sharp point at one end and the rows of potatoes ran cross-wise. I began to dig at the narrow point and at the completion of each row knelt down in the ground to pray for light and leading, promising God that if he would give me strength to confess His Son before men I should do so that night. Prayer was answered and that night without speaking a word to my chum I arose in the service and said: "Pray for me. I desire to know Jesus Christ." It was no easy cross to bear, nev? ertheless, in resuming my seat I felt much relieved. I believed that a good ser? vice was performed, that I had put myself in the way of blessing. Mr. Foster's text that night was: "For whosoever shall SEAFLOWER F-< GALLERY W ART & CARVINGS ' by Local Artists * ANTIQUES ' COLLECTABLES ARTISTS'MATERIALS NOW IN STOCK! LUCAS Oils, Water Colours & Acrylics Pastels • Charcoal GESSO • Linseed Oil • Turpentine KAMAR Varnish Spray Knives • Sketch Pads • Canvas Phone us at 295-1991 or 295-2386 or drop in! 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