Page 28 - Tunes from "The MacLellan Trio"!
ISSUE : Issue 71
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1
Tunes from "The MacLellan Trio"! Breton Books is proud to announce the re-issue of the music of Theresa, Donald, and Marie MacLellan, digitally remastered from the original studio recordings. These new CD's and cas? sette tapes represent the classic Cape Breton J repertoire for which the MacLellans are so famous. • See Order Form on page 71 • Paul Cranford: There are a number of younger players playing "The Mar? quis of Queensbury," first published in the 1840s in Joseph Lowe's collec? tion. It was a traditional tune at that time. "The Auld Stewarts of Forthergill" is a tune composed by James Stewart Robertson, who compiled The Athole Collection in the 1880s. A mixture of ' old music and new music, it had about 20 or 30 of his own compositions, and a few of them have been picked up by Cape Bretoners. Most of them have been doctored slightly, like this one. Donald has a nice way of playing it. Among the older players, it's been a popular tune for years. Donald has a lot of Key of C tunes in his repertoire. He likes the flat keys in ' y'* the Key of C • whereas Theresa is especially known for her marches and sort of brighter playing, like the "Tom Dey" in the Key of A. She has a real nice piping effect which she gives to that tune. They have contrasting styles. "Tom Dey" is a strathspey composed by James Scott Skinner, probably around the turn of this century. It was published in The Scottish Music Maker by James Murdoch Henderson in 1957, and it was a popular tune in t*' the'50s and'60s in Cape Breton. 'I'teu,_ The Marquis of Queensbury The MacLellan Trio: Theresa and Donald, violins; Marie, piano Scottish (as played by Donald MacLellan) - 1 m m ' ' M J ' ' J Ml '''11 I r • - The Auld Stewarts of Forthergill James Stewart Robertson (as played by Donald MacLellan) rf'''r.''f'y.f''' m *' ir mni''mml D.S. Paul Cranford's Ttie Ligtittiouse Collection is a new publication of 294 original melodies by Paul and his friends. The 9"x12" book includes a beautiful CD (or cassette) of 57 of the tunes. Book-&-CD (or Book-&-Tape) $27.95 • Cassette Alone $11.95. See Order Form on page 71.
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