Page 46 - Voyage of the Vandora to St. Pierre in Gaelic from MacTalla 1900, translated into English by Kay MacDonald
ISSUE : Issue 71
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1
ceann da latha rinn iad air son feuchainn a mach. Chuir iad na bha de bhiadh aca anns a bh&ta;, agus chaidh Aonghas 'us Domhnull 'san toiseach gu h-iomaradh, agus shuidh Ruairidh Friseal 'san deireadh. Dh' fhui- rich an triuir eile gus an d' thigeadh iad 'gan iarraidh a rithis. 'Nuair a bha iad a mach am beul na geodha, thainig an tonn mor agus chaidh a mhullach 'n aird nan stuadh ghorm os cionn Dhomhnull agus Aonghas, agus thainig e nuas air Ruai? ridh, agus chuir e sios gus a ghrunnd iad fein agus am b'ta. A cheud ni a chunnaic Domhnull 'nuair a thainig e an uachdar, da chois Ruairidh nan stoban suas direach as a mhuir; ach cha do chuir e dragh sam bith orra, oir cha b' ann orra bha aire: 'se bh' ann gach neach air a shon fein. Bha an triuir a bha air tir ag eigheach 'sa bua? ladh nam bas, oir bha choltas gu 'n robh am biadh, an t-eathar, us an cairdean a dhith orra. Bha IDomhnull ag obrachadh gu tir cho math 'sa dh' fhaodadh e, ach cha robh Ruairidh ri fhaicinn idir. Bha Aonghas ceangailte ris a bh'ta --a ghalas air dol mu chrag. 'Nuair bha Domhnull gu bhi aig tir chunnaic iad Ruai? ridh air a ghrunnd a DELI & CAFE BAKERY.NATURAL FOODS I OPEN YEAR ROUND WINTER HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8 AM - 5:30 PM SATURDAY 9 AM-5 PM 3 NYANZA 7.5MI W OF BADDECK ON TCH 105 295-2275 We Buy & Sell New & Used CDs '' Compact Disc Depot ' 328 Charlotte St., Sydney, N.S. BlP 1C8 (located at McKnights...across from Globalville) 902-562-55CD '' Specializing in the Music of Atlantic Canada and Celtic Music. '' they had into it and tried to get to land. They got in safely and they were there throughout that night. As they only had a little food and not knowing when they would get away, Rory Fraser had charge of the food. He had had his fingers burned before; he had travelled on Minister MacLeod's son's ship to the shores of Newfoundland, without food and drink for many days, until finally they ate an old cat that had died. Rory was sparing with the food, but he didn't have much chance. The sea was so rough that it was not safe for them to try to get out to the vessel. After two days they decided to try. They put what food they had into the boat, and Angus and Don? ald went in front to row, and Rory Fraser sat in the back. The other three stayed un? til they would come back for them. When they were out at the mouth of the creek, a big wave came and went in moun? tains of green billows over the heads of Donald and Angus and came down on Rory, putting them and the boat to the bottom. The first thing Donald saw when he came to the surface was Rory's two feet sticking up out of the water; but that didn't both? er him, as they weren't paying attention-- it was every man for himself. The three that were on the shore were shouting and wringing their hands, as it looked as if the food, the boat and their three friends were lost to them. Donald was making his way toward land as best he could, but Rory was not to be seen. Angus was tied to the boat, in danger of going on the rocks. When Donald was almost on land, they saw Rory on the bottom, coming in to shore as if he were a lobster, the sea washing over him. John Morrison ran out to meet him and grabbed him, but the waves took them out together. But the next wave threw them up on the beach, where Donald met and helped them. Angus and the boat came to land safely. But they were now without food or any way of getting it. They spent two days there fasting. Sometimes they would take a trip up into 75' CO-OP FUELS Burner Service Contracts Available Automatic Delivery Budget Plan Available Lube - Oil - Greases 562-3163 503 PRINCE ST. - SYDNEY, N. S. Stove and Furnace Oil Furnace Maintenance Contracts Available 46
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