Page 85 - With Ida Mauger of Cap La Ronde
ISSUE : Issue 71
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1996/12/1
too. And I used to do some, too. And other people--we'd all have something to do at the temperance meeting. And we'd serve a big lunch. And that's the way--somebody would play the violin, and we'd go home merry as larks, happy as larks.... The other dances we had were mostly kitch? en- -what they called little kitchen par? ties. And we used to dance the old sets, the old lancers, you know. I'd call them out, too, a lot. And this Pius Pettipas, he was a violin player, he played beauti? fully. And we used to enjoy those dances so much. And we'd have them so often, you know. And the young and the old would be all together.... They'd get up on the floor and dance a set, it didn't make any difference. My father would dance just as well with a young girl as he would with an older lady. It didn't make any difference. (And you raised chickens....) Oh, my dear didn't I forget! Now, listen here. When I first came here, we didn't have brooders and we didn't order our chickens. We used to get brooding hens, you know-- hens that would want to set on eggs. And we used to put them on a certain amount of eggs, what we thought would cover. And they were brooding then, they wanted to hatch out chickens. We could tell when they were brooding, you know, they would stay on the nest, and they'd lay a certain amount of eggs. Then they'd stop laying. And they'd sit on those eggs, and they'd hatch out chickens. at the first, not at first. At first we ordered them in the hundreds, to see how we would get along. Well, my goodness, we thought we were millionaires. So we said, Lennox and I, we said, "These brooders are not that expensive. Let's get bigger brooders and order more chicks." So this time--the last time--the last order we had was an order for 2000 baby chicks. And they were the sweetest little things. And we ordered some of the laying hens. They were small, but the eggs were so large. They were the White Wyandottes. And they were pure white. But then we said, well, that's a disadvantage, now. Why don't we order, even if they're not really good layers, why don't we order more meat hens. After they're done laying, we'll butcher them and we'll sell them. So then we started ordering Buff Orping? tons . And they were a very beautiful shade of yellow. And we ordered some 5 or 6 hun? dred of them, off and on. And we raised them under these brooders. And then the last order we got was 2000. But they were And of course, we'd have to keep a rooster, a couple in with the bunch of hens, to make them fertile. Well, we got tired of that. And then they started out with the brooders. People around started. Do you know what a brooder is? A brooder is a big canopy. And in the centre is a little oil stove. And there's a pipe that runs from that up through, up to out? side. Now--you can get a canopy for the size of 100, 200, or 300 chicks. So we ordered 2000. Not CENTRE 200 A New Beginning f CTV > The Centre 200 Team Committed to providing the best in customer care! " Concerts * Conventions * Sporting Events * Skating Parties & Ice Rentals * Room Rentals * For information on any of our events or services, please call us. Customer Care Ticket Line 595-2130 85
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