Page 22 - A Little Visit with Ashley MacIsaac's Parents
ISSUE : Issue 72
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1
bought a fiddle. I started playing on it then. Then you were staying in homes where people didn't care for that scratching--I wasn't really a fiddler--so you didn't practice very much. So I really didn't play anything until I came back home from Ontario in, I guess, in '61 when I came back to work at the pulp mill. That's when I started trying more. (Was it music that brought the two of you together?) Angus and Carmelita laugh. An? gus : No. More laughter. Carmelita: No. (So it wasn't this great goal to make a home that would have music in it that brought the two of you together?) Carmeli? ta: No. Because, like I say, I didn't really go anywhere where there was a fiddle until I met Angus. Angus: No, actually I was going to a hockey game in Port Hawkesbury one night, and she was working in a store, and I went in to get some peppermints. She had a pretty good eye, so I caught it. Carmelita: Well, peppermints were the thing, I guess! Once Angus and I got married--once Ashley came, really.... Angus: He was so interested in music. I used to play here in the house and he broke his playpen to pieces jumping around try? ing to dance from the time he could stand up. Carmelita: Oh, it was amazing. Angus: He was just crazy about music. Carmelita: That's the God's truth. He used to shake--actually, it was the crib. He'd be down in the back bedroom--that is still his bedroom (to) this day--and it was the evening or something. He'd be in bed, and Angus would just take the vio? lin out and he would just shake the bars. And he'd be dancing up and down. And I'd say, "Well, that fellow's go? ing to be a dancer"--you know, not thinking. He was nine months old, I guess, ten months old. Angus: Soon as he could stand. Carmelita: He couldn't wait to take him out of the crib. And we never ever, ever, whenever we had people in--we always had fiddlers in when the kids got older--didn't make a differ? ence if it was five o'clock in the morn? ing, Lisa and Ashley could stay up and listen to music. They never had to sneak around the corner, they could join right in. If they wanted to go to bed that was up to them, but if they wanted to sit CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STAFF OF CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE FOR 25 HISTORIC YEARS! Featuring... REAL QUALITY ICE CREAM! Variety of HOT FOODS Prepared on the Spot Clams • Haddock Fillets French Fries • Egg Rolls • Hamburgers • Pizza Burgers • • TASTY TREAT • OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 10 A.M. TO MIDNIGHT 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: Grand Lake Road • Keltic Drive * Sydney River
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