Page 23 - A Little Visit with Ashley MacIsaac's Parents
ISSUE : Issue 72
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1997/6/1
there and play around and listen to music, that's the way it was here. (And they wanted to?) Oh, they wanted to. Angus: Oh, they wanted to for sure. Carmelita: Just-- Ashley couldn't wait, he just couldn't wait to get home from school and get at the fiddle. Couldn't wait. Ten. Nine, ten years old. Angus: Even when he was seven he started dancing at concerts. Carmelita; He went to Harvey Beaton for stepdancing. His aunt, Shirley Maclsaac. Took a few from Minnie MacMaster. Mary Janet MacDonald, I'd have to say, was his big--his one that really taught him. (And where would he use these steps?) Angus: Well, there are concerts from July 1 until September 1; there are Scottish concerts every weekend each year. As a matter of fact, certain halls have a cer? tain weekend. But, besides that, all dur? ing the winter there are fund raisers put on, a concert here and a concert there, and, of course, this is where they got started. Carmelita: Nursing home. He danced a lot for the old people. Angus: Yes, he did. He danced at nursing homes. Senior citizens' homes. Carmelita: He would never refuse. Like, if somebody called here.... I remember one night he came home for school--he wasn't very old 'cause he wasn't driving--and there was something going on in Sydney that they had advertised in the paper, but he didn't know that he was advertised for this. He didn't know what to do. He said, "Well, here's my name advertised in the paper, and if I don't show up...." So An? gus, or someone, took him to Sydney, any- Ross RUDDERHAM PLUMBING & HEATING • VENTILATION SYSTEMS SPECIALIZING IN DEPENDABLE PACK-O-MATIC FURNACES Replacements also available in any make of furnace! Sales & service for world famous 777' Z TT' T" _' , ' . -r I 443 Coxheath Road Buderus Cast Iron sydney,nsbirisi coal, wood and oil fired furnaces ' Phone 562-3455 • Fax 562-6621 Its a crime whatanaimtairwifldo to a perfectly simple print job Get the pros touch way, and he performed. He had a big test the next day, but he still-- he would never, ever, ever not show up for something. It would be, you know, a really --I can't ever remember (him) being home and not going some? where he was supposed to be. No. 'Cause An? gus always told him, "If you got a booking and you're get? ting paid $10, and you get called in a month's time and you're getting paid $10,000, don't take it. Go to the one that you're booked for." You know, never, ever back out unless, you know.... And (he) al? ways did that. Angus: It was obvious when I was playing around the house that he just loved the fiddle, when he started dancing. If you have a great love for the fiddle you're likely to end up being both a fiddler and a dancer. If the music is there in your to Cape Breton's Magazine on its 25th year of publication. In these times of rapid change, Cape Breton's Magazine is an anchor of editorial stability and continuity Throughout its 25 year history, this publication has never lost sight of its original vi'on: to write of the history and people of Cape Breton Island. The magazine has often portrayed the long attachment of Cape Breton and its people to the sea and to the fishing industry. Cape Breton's Magaztoe has created a pubfication people will be reading for years to come • an achievement that will prove increasingly valuable to us all as time goes by Congratulations on a job well-done, and sincere wishes for contiiiueu success. Jim Baridiouse, Minister mobrriA. isKm Fisheries and Aquaculture 23
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